Utility Shortage Constraints for Approved Development Projects

Over the past six years, Cavan Monaghan has been a significant contributor to the inventory for new homes in the region, particularly in and around the village of Millbrook. This is not breaking news.  Some of this development was anticipated in the 2015 Official Plan and three Minister’s Zoning Orders… Continue reading

 “Watershed Resiliency”: Baxter Creek Watershed Alliance’s Community Watershed Forum on Monday, September 25th, 2023

The Baxter Creek Watershed Alliance (BCWA) is finishing up preparations for our second Community Watershed Forum scheduled from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on Monday, September 25th, 2023 at the Millbrook Royal Canadian Legion at 9 King Street East in the heart of the business district of Millbrook. We are honoured… Continue reading

That’s a Wrap- Former Millbrook Landfill Receives the All-Clear

Since it ceased operation in 2010, the former Millbrook Landfill site located on the south side of County Rd. 10 just west of Tapley ¼ Line has been the subject of mandatory environmental monitoring to ensure there was no residual contamination at the site.  This annual expense has been funded… Continue reading

How Will We be Remembered?

A sure sign you’re getting older is when most conversations with friends begin with discussions about health.  But as our mortality creep into our thoughts, how much time do we think about the legacy we will inevitably leave behind? Few of us are blessed with the intelligence, creativity, opportunity or… Continue reading

The Community Loses a Hometown Hero

In August, the community lost one of its most dedicated supporters with the passing of Orville Thertell. Orville found many ways to serve: as a member of the Lions’ Club, and a Lifetime member of both the Millbrook Cavan Firefighters’ Association and the Millbrook Agricultural Society.   He was the go-to… Continue reading

Letters to the Editor – September 2023

“The world’s going crazy. Nobody gives a damn anymore.” So said The Kinks in 1977. Some days it seems to me that they were right and things have gotten progressively worse since then.  However, some gains have been made in human rights over the decades.  Some people have actually enjoyed… Continue reading

Meet New Millbrook South Cavan Principal Marc Riopel

Millbrook South Cavan Public School (MSCPS) will see a few changes next week when school starts. Marc Riopel has joined as Principal, taking the helm of a growing school that now has forty four staff supporting a school population of more than 500 students.  For the past seven years, Riopel… Continue reading