COMMENT – Building Resilience

My six-year-old grandson has discovered hockey this year and become an ardent Leafs fan.  Disappointment is around the corner, but losing teaches important life lessons. As a young mother, I remember feeling the insults and injuries received by my children and felt their pain keenly. I wanted to protect them,… Continue reading

Why Don’t They Think Like We Do?

A common complaint amongst employers these days is the lack of reliable, committed staff. Many express frustration that when they are hiring, job candidates do not show up for scheduled interviews, and those who do show up are ill-prepared.  Recruiters are scratching their heads at persistent job vacancies with starting… Continue reading

New Column Explores Views at Different Ages and Stages

This is the first of what I hope to be a regular column where we hear from a variety of people representing different ages about what it feels like to be them.  The interviewees will be identified only by their age and gender. In this world of increasing polarization, it… Continue reading

COMMENT – January 2024 – What’s Your Resolution?

I don’t know anyone who makes a long list of New Year’s resolutions anymore.  Why start the year setting yourself up for failure?  I like Jill William’s approach.  Hers is a single, doable goal: eat less and walk more.  It’s hard to argue with that one. Those looking to work… Continue reading

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

This is the title of a well-known poem by American author and Minister Robert Fulghum where he reminds us that life lessons are simple, but perhaps their execution is less so. Rules like, play fair, don’t hit people, say you’re sorry when you hurt someone, don’t take things that don’t… Continue reading

COMMENT – November 2023

As the misery continues in Gaza and Ukraine, polarization among the “by-stander” nations is intensifying. It’s not implausible to believe that we are witnessing the formation of a new world order.  Atrocities intensify emotions as civilians bear the consequences as collateral damage, sometimes by design.   Language around the events is… Continue reading