How Will We be Remembered?

A sure sign you’re getting older is when most conversations with friends begin with discussions about health.  But as our mortality creep into our thoughts, how much time do we think about the legacy we will inevitably leave behind? Few of us are blessed with the intelligence, creativity, opportunity or… Continue reading

COMMENT – August 2023

August is Main Street month, where Canadians are encouraged to celebrate their downtown areas to raise awareness about the critical role they play in communities across the country.  These hubs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and characters, but they are key centres of their community’s social and economic… Continue reading

Mysterious Donor Pays It Forward to Decorating Committee Volunteers

Last week the Decorating Committee was at it again, filling the downtown planters with fresh blooms for the summer season. After the job was done, nine of these volunteers met for lunch at the Pastry Peddler, where someone quietly paid for their meals as a gesture of thanks for their… Continue reading

Who are we? Census 2021 Explains – Comment – February 2023

Who are we?  Census 2021 Explains The final piece of the 2021 Census was released last December providing citizenship and immigration, education and employment data. While our township website describes the local population as diverse, this is just beginning to be true, according to the statistics.  More than three quarters… Continue reading

Wishing You a Happy New Year! – 2023

In this edition you will find stories of generosity.  Gifts of time, money and even flowers, offered by local businesses, service organizations and individuals that make our community special. In the next few years, it will be more important than ever to think of others.  We will be called to… Continue reading