Comment – July 2021

Whispers are often more powerful than shouts when it comes to attracting attention.  The most powerful messages often use very few words.  Several simple and well-chosen words can communicate, educate or inspire – no lectures or explanations required.  Think-  Black Lives Matter; We shall overcome; Make Love, not war.  They… Continue reading

COMMENT: Are We There Yet?

Not quite, but we’re getting closer. With COVID-19 cases falling and vaccine rates rising, it’s hard to image that we won’t be released from our homes in some small way in the next two weeks.  Tying re-opening phases to case counts and administered vaccinations is a policy that actually supports… Continue reading

COMMENT – February 2021

Putting Their Money Where Their Mouths Are Last week two postal workers made headlines when they refused to deliver complimentary copies of the weekly newspaper, The Epoch Times.  They were both suspended without pay for three days, forfeiting wages for principles. They weren’t the first to take this position about… Continue reading