Say Their Names – Comment – November 2022

It’s a phrase that took prominence during the Black Lives Matter movement as a gesture to personalize black lives lost through racial injustice.  The practice has earlier roots, however.  For example, every year at the memorial event for the 9/11 disaster, the names of the almost 3,000 victims who died… Continue reading

COMMENT – October 2022

This month we’ve seen the community come together in a variety of events organized primarily by volunteers – the Zucchini and Fall Festivals, Touch a Truck, an Open Studio for local artists, church events, candidate meetings and a few funerals. They have reminded us what “community” means: it’s intimate, local,… Continue reading

The Greatest Gift of All

Another variant, another winter lockdown?  Here’s hoping the virologists tell us that Omicron is not as lethal, transmissible or vaccine-resistant as our current fears would have it. We may be exhausted by the constant stream calamitous events we learn about in daily news, but imagine the impact of this information… Continue reading