COMMENT – January 2020 – Let’s Get Real

There is a tendency to judge historical people and events through a modern lens.  Not surprisingly, the results are often harsh and one-sided.  We have more information, more experience and a different perspective which we use to evaluate historical behaviour.  Is it possible that these people were doing what they… Continue reading

Cavan Monaghan – Driven by Volunteers

From the front page to the back page of this paper are photos and stories written by and about volunteers shaping our community.  They are young and old, serving neighbours and strangers with an enthusiasm that brings joy to both giver and receiver.  Thank you for the inspiration you provide… Continue reading

COMMENT – November 2019 – We Remember

The next time you are stopped behind a high school bus, look at the students getting off – wearing toques and earphones, joking with friends, or off in a world of their own.  Now picture them in an armed forces uniform. This month, we honour the men and women who,… Continue reading

Comment – July 2019

The day after the Raptors took the NBA Championship title, something else extraordinary happened.   Their opponents, the Golden State Warriors, took out a full-page ad in some Toronto newspapers congratulating the Raptors on their historic achievement in bringing the title to Toronto.  What terrific role models both teams have provided,… Continue reading

Children Who Sleep Better Learn Better, Live Better

These days it’s not just parents who are sleep-deprived- kids feel it, too.  We recognize the signs of tired children- they are grumpy, sluggish and impulsive.  But research tells us that the consequences of inadequate sleep are much more serious than bad moods.  Poor sleep is associated with suicide risk,… Continue reading