COMMENT – November 2023

As the misery continues in Gaza and Ukraine, polarization among the “by-stander” nations is intensifying.

It’s not implausible to believe that we are witnessing the formation of a new world order.  Atrocities intensify emotions as civilians bear the consequences as collateral damage, sometimes by design.   Language around the events is becoming more incendiary, reducing the chance for rational, constructive conversations.  International leaders in these conflicts seem to embrace the philosophy that the ends justifies the means instead of taking the high road.  For the carnage to end, someone will have to stand up for humanity, say enough is enough and look to the future instead of the past.

Instead of looking back at eras of perceived national glory, leaders could look ahead to imagine a noble future for their people; one that embraces tolerance, security and prosperity for all, a peace that is enjoyed by Palestinians and Israelis; Ukrainians and Russians alike.  John Lennon told us that without borders, there would be nothing to kill or die for.  At the moment, it seems he may have been right.  KG

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