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The Millbrook Times is an independent, locally owned and operated community newspaper serving Cavan Monaghan Township and surrounding communities.  Founded in 1987, we are a free publication with issues produced once per month, delivered by Canada Post.

To read a complete issue, you can get your free copy of The Millbrook Times at: Calhoun’s Foodland, Clarke’s Service Centre/Jule’s Kitchen, Millbrook Convenience Store, Millbrook Daisy Mart, Millbrook IDA Pharmacy, Bailieboro Grocery, Bethany General Store, Cavan Corners Ultramar, Springville Pioneer Gas and Pinto’s Corners.

For out-of-town subscribers, we offer postage-paid issues right to your mailbox:

$25 for one-year subscriptions

$45 for two-year subscriptions

Contact us if you’re interested. Send us a cheque or etransfer. Thank you!

Deadlines for submissions of PRINT advertising or articles are FOUR DAYS before the above publication dates at 12:00 PM. We are no longer keeping an office in downtown Millbrook, but are always available by phone, mail or email to receive your information. Thank you!

P.O. Box 230
Millbrook, ON
L0A 1G0
Phone: 705-932-3001
Fax: 705-932-8816

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