Letter to the Editor – November 2023

Although many think that the 786 new homes being added to Millbrook are cause for excitement as our small town grows, others, like myself, are alarmed by possible repercussions these new builds could bring. In a recent article written by Brendan Burke, the township’s executive director of planning and development John Connoly spoke about the strain that would be placed on the local electricity and natural gas providers should the project proceed.

In addition to these concerns, our township is likely not ready to support the waste produced from each of these homes. Based on government statistics, it is estimated that the Peterborough landfill will reach its capacity in the next 18 years. This number will only shrink as new homes are added. Millbrook also does not yet have the amenities to support the residents within these new homes. The only local school has already been expanded to accommodate more students, and there is only one small grocery store to serve all of Millbrook.

For these reasons, I believe that we should suspend the building of these new homes until further amenities and infrastructure is built.

Lily Parnell

53 Frederick Street, Millbrook, Ontario

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