Letters to the Editor – September 2023

“The world’s going crazy. Nobody gives a damn anymore.” So said The Kinks in 1977. Some days it seems to me that they were right and things have gotten progressively worse since then.  However, some gains have been made in human rights over the decades.  Some people have actually enjoyed… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor

Stop Trashing Residents Using ‘Garbage’ Garbage Numbers!! I’m fed up with hearing that Cavan Monaghan is the “worst in the County” for solid waste.  Our family composts, recycles and reuses.  Our diversion rate (by weight) is in the high eighties/ninety.  Our neighbours are similar in their habits. Looking at the… Continue reading

A Note of Thanks from the Buhaienko Family

We would like to thank Brian and Kate Field for their help and support during a very difficult time for our family when we arrived in Canada after fleeing Ukraine. Our family was lucky to discover Canada from a very good side. Our acquaintance with Canada began with amazing people… Continue reading

Note of Thanks

A heartfelt Thank-you to all those who sent cards, letters, visits, flowers, calls, food, tree plantings and all acts of kindness and support in the passing of our husband, father, brother, uncle, grandfather, great grandfather, brother-in-law and great friend to many.  A special thanks to Don and Fern Armstrong, Karen… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor

The upcoming municipal election is looming. I’m carefully reviewing all available candidate information to determine a slate of individuals that I feel will best serve Cavan-Monaghan. As always, there are a broad range of issues to consider, and yet when it comes to casting my vote for Mayor, Deputy Mayor… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – July 2022

We all agree we need to invest in recreational facilities, but in these increasingly stressful times we also need to build community spirit and find common ground with each other. Open air spaces are critical to our physical/mental health and accessible, public spaces like commons, squares and parks bring all… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – June 2022

Letter to the Editor: I so appreciated that May issue when I arrived from my regular “Shoot-up of cortisone” with my friendly-neighbourhood physician, here in Waterloo. Too much walking on Fallis line. Of course I sat right down to enjoy the story of the fishing derby. I have been praising… Continue reading