Letter to the Editor – July 2022

We all agree we need to invest in recreational facilities, but in these increasingly stressful times we also need to build community spirit and find common ground with each other. Open air spaces are critical to our physical/mental health and accessible, public spaces like commons, squares and parks bring all… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – June 2022

Letter to the Editor: I so appreciated that May issue when I arrived from my regular “Shoot-up of cortisone” with my friendly-neighbourhood physician, here in Waterloo. Too much walking on Fallis line. Of course I sat right down to enjoy the story of the fishing derby. I have been praising… Continue reading

Letters to the Editor – January 2022

And the number is ——- December 9th was the first CM Township Council public viewing of what you will likely be told to ‘dig into your wallet’ to pay for your lower tier government this year and what those ‘dollars’ will be spent on.  The other 3 levels of government… Continue reading

Letters to the Editor – September 2021

Reprinted letter to Peterborough County Warden J. Murray Jones RE: Complaint of County Rd 21 West of Millbrook Sir: Recently numerous residents of Cavan-Monaghan have gone on social media to complain about the recent construction completed on County Rd 21 west of Millbrook to the border of Peterborough County and… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – June 2021

Generating Waste to Collect Yard Waste I am a resident of Cavan and am disappointed to see that the yard waste we put out for collection is no longer accepted in reusable containers. Those of us who already have these containers are now being forced to buy paper bags causing… Continue reading

Letters to the Editor – April 2021

  I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see the article by Cori Carveth in the March issue of the Millbrook Times.  Writing and talking about the climate emergency can be difficult as it can evoke fear and feelings of helplessness.  Cori Carveth’s article balanced the harsh facts… Continue reading

Letters to the Editor – December 2020

Missing Poppies As members of the Decorating Committee, we would like to thank the many people who take time to show their appreciation for the work we do downtown. It continues to be our absolute pleasure to help enhance this lovely village one way or another, adding color and life… Continue reading