Letters to the Editor – December 2020

Missing Poppies

As members of the Decorating Committee, we would like to thank the many people who take time to show their appreciation for the work we do downtown. It continues to be our absolute pleasure to help enhance this lovely village one way or another, adding color and life to planters, baskets, lampposts and even the bridge, simply reflecting the changing seasons and special events throughout the year.

Last November, we created eleven large wooden poppies to be placed in the two planters at the Legion, intending to acknowledge the importance of Remembrance Day. The famous poppy is the copyright of the Legion and its public reproduction and display must be sanctioned by that institution. We were granted that permission; we then made 11 poppies, in harmony with the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month and then proudly exhibited our ‘homemade’ poppies in November last year, as well in November this year. However, this year there were two poppies sadly taken from the planters. This, we must say, is a great disappointment to us as the symbolism of the number 11 has been severed or lost.

If you have these two poppies in your possession, we ask that you please discretely return them to the planters; we will pick them up and store them so they can be exhibited once again for next year’s Remembrance Day.

It should also be mentioned that all downtown decor is financed and supported by the BIA; always striving to improve our great little village!

Thank you,

The Millbrook Decorating Committee


Much like the Terminator, repairing himself and rising to fight again, off road vehicles are back on the table for further discussion for Cavan Ward roads, by residents of the Cavan Ward.

The purpose of this letter is to try to ensure that those who have already opposed ORVs on Township roads are aware that once more they must defend their right to safety, quiet, and lower liability.

From comments made by Council members at the November 2nd meeting, it appears that Council was lobbied heavily prior to the meeting where they would have passed the bylaw that they had requested at a previous meeting. That bylaw would have retained the same rules as have been in effect until now. The discussion is worth watching and available for viewing easily via the livestream on the Township’s website. The discussion starts at about 24 minutes, 50 seconds.

Council held a virtual Special Public Meeting, November 30th, but you may comment up until December 4th. Either way you must do so by registering ahead or using the commenting tools available on the Township’s website at:


I take exception to one of the comments made at the meeting, to the effect that there is no right or wrong on this issue. These machines are called off road vehicles and they come with warnings to that effect. Nothing in the Provincial enabling legislation assumes liability for that fact. The Province has raised an issue that is divisive and is distracting Council from more important business.

If you live in the Cavan Ward and are interested, please get involved.

John Fallis, Cavan


Let me first state that I am against the use of ATVS or any type of ORVS being driven on our township roads.  I would point out the obvious, ORV means, Off Road Vehicle- that seems very clear to me!

I have an ATV and it has a sticker right on the machine that warns the driver not to drive it on roads. The reason, I believe, is because the tires are under inflated so that the wheels can get a better grip in off road situations. This factor (under inflated tires) makes them unsafe for higher speed road travel.

I use my ATV as a tool. When I want to get into nature for my dose of vitamin “N”, I go for a walk, a pedal bike drive or a cross country ski. I do not go on my noisy, smelly, polluting machine which destroys, or at the very least disrupts, for myself and others in the area, the very thing I am trying to enjoy.

In these times of global warming, the use of electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and in general, the movement to a greener life style, it seems to me counter intuitive to be encouraging people to use motorized vehicles for recreational use. I strongly support council’s stand on the use of these types of vehicles. It was interesting to read the quote from the Kawartha ATV Association in their letter where they were complaining about the building of more bike paths in the community while at the same time not giving them their ATV access. I  thank Council for their informed stand on this issue and look forward to their final say on the matter.

David Barr, Cavan-Monaghan 

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