Reaching out to Belize

The St John’s Anglican Church in Ida recently made a generous gift of money to the St. Matthew Anglican School/Church in Pomona, Belize. The school principal, Annamay Ferguson, organized a distribution project to assist 15 families in her community.  Like many rural communities around the world, Pomona has been devastated by… Continue reading

Student Sets the Stage for Meaningful Reconciliation

With clear minds, fresh perspectives and pure motives, young people can often lead the way to meaningful change when weary adults flounder, held back by their baggage of preconceived ideas. Autumn Sky joined CML libraries in July as a summer student.   A 2nd year student in the Indigenous Bachelor of… Continue reading

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours – Robert Frost

Normally property line disputes cause ill feelings between neighbours, but a local dispute has resulted in an outcry from an entire neighbourhood. Trouble has been brewing around Collins Lane in Millbrook for a few years now.  A pedestrian path connecting Centre Street to King Street, it was originally part of… Continue reading

New Year, New Principal for North Cavan Students

Jennifer Johnston is excited to join the team at North Cavan Public School and looks to meeting and getting to know students, families and community over the upcoming year. A passionate educational leader, Jennifer Johnston joined the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board in 2010 as an Elementary school administrator…. Continue reading

Cannabis Retailer Ready to Launch

Brent Morrison was on his way to Queen’s University to study to become a Physiotherapist when he got sidetracked. With a BA in History from Trent and a teaching degree from Western, he was already well-educated but was looking for a career where he could help people feel better.  In… Continue reading

Letters to the Editor – September 2021

Reprinted letter to Peterborough County Warden J. Murray Jones RE: Complaint of County Rd 21 West of Millbrook Sir: Recently numerous residents of Cavan-Monaghan have gone on social media to complain about the recent construction completed on County Rd 21 west of Millbrook to the border of Peterborough County and… Continue reading

Kawartha Credit Union in Town to Establish Local Appetite for Mobile Branch Service

Last week, Kawartha Credit Union (KCU) brought in their Mobile Branch to introduce residents to this innovative facility. Parked beside the old arena near Needler’s Mill, the unit provides two private offices and a full-service ATM (not operational during this visit) allowing customers to perform the vast majority of banking… Continue reading