Former Millbrook Teacher and Playwright Seeks Youth Adult Volunteer Actors

For the last nine years of his teaching career, Ed Schroeter taught kindergarten at Millbrook South Cavan Public School, retiring from a 30-year career in 2021.  He describes his time in Millbrook as his happiest teaching experience.  There he found enthusiastic and supportive teaching partners with whom he developed collaborative… Continue reading

With Gratitude for our Educators Past, Present and Future

It has been almost six years since I began my journey with The Old Millbrook School Family Centre. In those years I have had the chance to work with about a half dozen amazing Registered Early Childhood Educators.  Our programs have been made so much better because of our amazing… Continue reading

Crestwood EDGE Students Host the First Annual Cavan Cup

On Wednesday, December 6th, Cavan Monaghan Community Centre was buzzing with excitement as students of the Crestwood EDGE program hosted the first annual Cavan Cup.  The name was not only a nod to the venue, but also recognizes that more than half of all Crestwood students are from Cavan Monaghan… Continue reading

Millbrook Grade 6 Students ask: Who is Jason Salo?

On November 8 and 9th, 2023, a veteran named Jason Salo visited Millbrook South Cavan School. He met with each grade over two days, allowing him to speak with smaller groups of students. He explained that while in the war he was a Counterintelligence Investigator and a CF Air Marshall…. Continue reading

School Board Examines Ways to Reduce Enrolment Pressure at Crestwood

The Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board (KPRDS) is launching an accommodation review for several school catchment areas to address changing student enrolment. According to a board report issued this week, enrolment within the board has been growing by roughly 2% per year over the last five years; a trend… Continue reading

Dyslexia is a Gift, not a Disability

So says Ron Davis, Founder of the Davis Dyslexia Association International in his book called The Gift of Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a term associated with learning disabilities, and often causes difficulties in developing basic academic skills including reading, writing and math.  There is a perception that it is linked to… Continue reading

Get Involved in Your Local School

  Pictured is Millbrook/South Cavan (MSC) School Council President Ann-Marie-Kelleher at last week’s Open House.  At last count, the school body is now 580 students, so it’s no surprise that the school could use some volunteer support.  One way to get involved is through the School Council.  You don’t have… Continue reading