Club Announces Cancellation of 2020 House League Soccer Season

The Board of Directors of Maple Leaf Cavan FC has been monitoring local and provincial updates regarding COVID-19 very closely as it considered the 2020 House League season. The Board also reflected on Ontario Soccer direction suspending all in-person soccer activities until the end of June. On May 13, 2020,… Continue reading

Keeping our Streams Clean and Healthy

Every living organism needs healthy water: plants, animals – people, too! Millbrook’s streams give farmers water for fields and animals, drinking water for everyone, and life to fish and wildlife. Trout need streams that run cold and clean. Local waters connect us as a community. We share their use and… Continue reading

An Unfinished but Memorable Season for the Millbrook Stars Peewee Hockey Team

The call came just after practice, an extra practice in fact added to the teams schedule to prepare for the upcoming Play off Championship series in which the Millbrook Stars Peewee LL had qualified to play.  The call was from the OMHA…..and with that call the hockey season was done. … Continue reading

Baxter Creek Golf Club Eagerly Awaits the Start of the Season

If you think you are frustrated with the delay in the golf season – imagine what it feels like for Baxter Creek owners and staff who would normally be welcoming back customers this week to dust off their game on the fresh greens after a winter of planning and preparing… Continue reading

Trout Fishing Season in Southern Ontario

  Last Saturday was the official start of the Trout fishing season in southern Ontario.  Normally that would mean the Millbrook pond would be inundated with hordes of young anglers, seeking the perfect perch from which to snag the elusive Millie and her friends which are delivered by members of… Continue reading

Watershed Health Resonates Loudest in the Spring

For many, spring represents welcome change and a fresh start. To some, spring also represents trout fishing! For trout such as brook trout and brown trout, the onset of the first aquatic insect hatch marks the beginning of a critical time where their priority is focused on feeding to support… Continue reading

Toronto Organization Launches New Minor Ball Hockey League

A new organization is soliciting minor ball hockey players through flyers distributed through schools and social media activities using the name “Peterborough Minor Ball Hockey League”.  This is NOT the local league founded and operated by volunteer extraordinaire Guye Vondette that has played in Millbrook for many years.  This is… Continue reading

A Millbrook Star in Training?

Three-year-old Brayden Holmes donned ice skates for the first time last month at the new Community Centre during the Sunday public skate event.  His orange training supports came in handy but more traditional support always had his back!  Whether you are a novice or an expert, sharpen your blades and… Continue reading