Why Our Kids Need Healthy School Food During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With September around the corner, schools are gearing up to reopen after COVID-19 shut downs. This pandemic has taught us not only about physical health, but also the importance of healthy eating, mental health, social connection, and learning for our kids. So, what is one ingredient needed for all of these,… Continue reading

Belize Stops COVID at the Border

The Belizeans have been much more successful than Canada or the US in fighting the COVID invasion. Belize began their program in early February.  Arriving in Belize on February 6th and completely unaware of the pending disaster, I was met by four medical staff who asked the questions we are asked when we… Continue reading

Helping Seniors Cope through Telephone Reassurance Calls in Millbrook and Across the County

  For the first time since WWII, Canadians have been confronted with new restrictions and are adjusting to new realities that involve event cancellations and physical distancing, which can cause some to feel very socially isolated. This new reality can be especially hard on our most vulnerable, our seniors. Before… Continue reading

A Different Kind of Walk for MS Supporters

At this time in any normal year, I am usually busy sending out emails and visiting sponsors, asking for their generous donations in support of Multiple Sclerosis. This year, it saddens me to have to cancel “Kelly’s Crazy Kids” Bowling event. It would have marked my 10th year in organizing… Continue reading

Time for Our Area to Shine As We Gear Up For COVID-19

So what does preparing for a pandemic actually mean? This is the question on so many minds these days, and one that is bound to generate reactions of doomsday scenarios for some, and quickly dismissed by others. So what’s the appropriate level of concern to take? Fortunately, a new virus… Continue reading

BWXT and Peterborough’s Industrial Legacy

“Concern” is an imprecise word, especially when used in the context of health risks. Its synonyms are “anxiety”, “fear”, “apprehension”, and even “alarm”. However, to be “unconcerned” can be misconstrued to mean being indifferent, or nonchalant.  In the lead-up to the BWXT re-licencing hearings scheduled for March, it’s been a… Continue reading