Move Well, Feel Well with Well Lyfe Pilates

When COVID shut down in her professional life as a Registered Massage Therapist, Carron took her energy in a different direction and pursued instruction as a Pilates instructor.  The dream goal was to open a home-based business as a Pilates instructor and a Register Massage Therapist.  She has arrived. She… Continue reading

Horses are Patient Therapists at Harmony Farms Rice Lake

  During her work as a Personal Service Worker, Krystyna Nelson has seen firsthand the physical and mental debilitation that chronic ailments have on daily life.    During time spent with her clients, she saw them feel supported, even finding ways to laugh.  When her scheduled time was up, she often… Continue reading

Thanks for 50 Years of Service

This month marks 50 years since Dr. Dave VanLoon and his wife, Claire, moved to Millbrook, as Dave began his career as a family doctor. He assumed the practice of Dr. Hobbs and, at first, his medical practice continued to operate out of the retired doctor’s home. Soon, the new… Continue reading

Experienced Long Term Care Nurse Launches Mobile Foot Care Service

After working for more than a decade in long term care settings, Registered Practical Nurse Beth Steinbeck was ready for a change.  Among the residents in her care, foot issues were common, and as the song goes, your ankle bone’s connect to your leg bone… In other words, healthy feet… Continue reading

New Massage Clinic Opens in Bailieboro

Christa Packman moved to the Bailieboro area in search of a quieter life.  A small town girl at heart, Christa grew up in Brooklin when the main attraction was a pizza place and a convenience store, but after training she set up shop in Durham and has provided an extensive… Continue reading

Variety in Sport Experience Builds Better Athletes

Why do parents focus on putting their kids on an intense one-sport-only track? Do they think it will help them reach professional sports levels sooner? Will it give them a better chance by sacrificing other sports? The answer might surprise you. Sport specialization – an intense focus on one sport… Continue reading

A Fond Farewell for Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rosana Salvaterra

Last week the community bade farewell to Dr. Rosana Salvaterra who leaves her position as  Medical Officer of Health for the Peterborough area which she has held since 2008.  In the last year and a half, Dr. Salvaterra has been the face of the community’s battle against the spread of… Continue reading

Acknowledging the Donation that Made the Outdoor Fitness Area Possible

The equipment has been in place since last fall, but it took almost a year to find conditions that allowed a celebration and acknowledgement of the generous legacy gift.  Last month, a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to officially open the outdoor facility and thank the organization that made it… Continue reading