Time for Our Area to Shine As We Gear Up For COVID-19

So what does preparing for a pandemic actually mean? This is the question on so many minds these days, and one that is bound to generate reactions of doomsday scenarios for some, and quickly dismissed by others. So what’s the appropriate level of concern to take? Fortunately, a new virus… Continue reading

BWXT and Peterborough’s Industrial Legacy

“Concern” is an imprecise word, especially when used in the context of health risks. Its synonyms are “anxiety”, “fear”, “apprehension”, and even “alarm”. However, to be “unconcerned” can be misconstrued to mean being indifferent, or nonchalant.  In the lead-up to the BWXT re-licencing hearings scheduled for March, it’s been a… Continue reading

Cavan Resident Finds Chronic Wound Relief Through Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

After twelve knee surgeries in thirteen years on a single limb, Bryan McBain was discouraged, to say the least.  Full and partial knee replacements, scopes and scar tissue removals had left a persistent, oozing wound a full year after his most recent procedure.  A retired nurse, his wife Pat was… Continue reading

The Goods on Greens: Are Prepared Salads Safe?

Who doesn’t love the convenience of purchasing prepared salads or pre-washed greens – I know I do. But recent outbreaks of human illness, including hospitalizations and deaths are raising concerns that perhaps these pre-packaged and pre-washed salad greens pose too much of a health risk, and are best avoided. Are… Continue reading

Local Youth Running Club Calls CMCC Home

It doesn’t take long for word to spread about a fabulous facility like our Cavan Monaghan Community Centre.  On December 9th, a local running club began to use the indoor running track as its winter home base for training, bringing talented young athletes from around the area together to train,… Continue reading

Public Health System Reset Welcomed

Boards of health, municipalities and public health workers received some good news recently from the province. Both the Premier and the Minister of Health shared publicly their intent to step back from previous announcements to transfer the delivery of public health services away from the current 35 boards of health… Continue reading

Millbrook Office of Ptbo Social Services Helps Residents Access Social Programs

Paula Fitzgerald is there to help.  A Case Manager from Peterborough’s Social Services, she can help clients navigate the vast array of programs designed to help people get back on their feet or to help them through a transition. Since 2016, she has been providing support to clients in the… Continue reading