Grow Your Own Produce at the Community Garden

Finally spring weather is here and we can start work in the Millbrook community garden. The garden is located next to the Old Millbrook School (where the library is) with a beautiful center flower garden looked after beautifully by some local volunteers. There are 12 individual plots that can be… Continue reading

Life @ 35 – April 2024

This month I spoke with a busy mother of two pre-school children.  She and her family are relatively new to the community, having arrived here only two years ago from a small south-western Ontario city. A self-described homebody, our young mother made the unusual decision to delegate the task of… Continue reading

New Farmers’ Market for Springville

Springville Tap ‘n’  Grill is hosting a new farmer’s market in the area which organizers are calling “From Our Hands to Yours”. Scheduled to open on Mother’s Day, there are twelve planned dates for this market, all of them on Fridays and Sundays.  The dates have been carefully selected to… Continue reading

Common Ground – March 2024

“In March winter is holding back and spring is pulling forward.” J. Hersey Winter, it seems to me, has held back quite a lot this year. We haven’t had much extreme cold and periodic thaws have prevented any significant snow accumulation. There has been enough snow to protect perennials and… Continue reading