Common Ground – March 2022

I’d rather have the flowers Our simple fathers knew Than these new-fangled blossoms Of every shape and hue I’d rather have a skylark Than a parrot at the Zoo. ~ Reginald Arkell  –  Green Fingers ~ February, the supposedly short month, felt endless this year. A Wuthering Heights weekend of… Continue reading

Common Ground – February 2022

“….here I stand, not only with the sense  Of present pleasure, but with pleasing thoughts That in this moment there is life and food For future years.” Wordsworth  Tintern Abbey It’s easy to think of February as the lowest point in the winter or even the whole year. It is… Continue reading

Common Ground – November 2021

“Sit by the fireside with Sorrow” Shelley There was no frost here in the valley until late October. I can’t remember another year when the morning glories and other frost tender flowers were still going while the leaves were turning colour. Some of the usual fall garden jobs have been… Continue reading

Common Ground – September 2021

“Our life is frittered away by detail… Simplify, simplify.” Thoreau I recently came across an idea that I intend to try next year that appears to make growing tomatoes simpler. A gardener in Maine got the brilliant idea (probably not original to her) to grow tomatoes around a vertical ring… Continue reading

Common Ground – August 2021

“August’s harvest is rich, with all the heat-loving crops coming into full productivity…” Bob Thomson, The New Victory Garden I’m choosing to be positive about the garden in August. The trials of the spring with its late snow and frozen tomatoes have been consigned to the past. I have almost… Continue reading