Common Ground – April 2023

“The drama of spring is not always very well staged…. too often it proceeds jerkily, with the halts and repetitions of a rehearsal instead of the sustained rhythm of a finished performance.”                                 Jason Hill The vast expanse of ice and snow has started to retreat for the second time this… Continue reading

Common Ground – March 2023

Tossing his mane of snows in wildest eddies and tangles, Lion-like March cometh in, hoarse, with tempestuous breath William Dean Howells The tops of the first bulbs of the year, species crocus and Iris reticulata, were just visible on Valentine’s Day. The bed beside the warm west side of the… Continue reading

Common Ground – February 2023

“Ah, shall winter mend your case Set your teeth the wind to face Beat the snow down, tread the frost All is gained when all is lost.” William Morris The days are finally getting noticeably longer and both garlic and onions have green shoots inside. Potatoes in the pantry are… Continue reading

Common Ground – November 2022

“November glooms are barren.” William Ernest Henley It turns out that I spoke too soon about the ladybug swarming. Here in the valley we had at least four days of it. It was moderate level ladybug swarming this year. In past years there was usually one day of overwhelming prisoner… Continue reading

Common Ground – October 2022

“Obstacles don’t block the path. They are the path.” Buddhist proverb The rituals of fall are well under way here in the valley. The chimney has been cleaned and the kitchen wood stove taken apart and cleaned. And my least favourite part of that process, putting the cleaned pipes back… Continue reading