Dinosaur Zucchini Terrorizing Millbrook

Caution is advised for Millbrook residents after the recent shocking revelation of a possible dinosaur-zucchini hybrid creature roaming at large in the area. This alarming information came to light after a secret laboratory was discovered in the basement of a local home, where it is alleged that risky “experiments” have… Continue reading

Squirrel Creek Welcomes Customers to New Retail Facility

Last month, the Brackenridge family hosted an Open House to showcase a new warehouse and showroom built on their farm on Brackenridge Drive south of Millbrook.  The 8400 square foot building is a testament to the success of this family business operating as Squirrel Creek Farm Services which serves the… Continue reading

Masonic Lodge Hosts Drive for Kawartha Food Share

In July, members of the Masonic Lodge in Millbrook joined forces with members of their Peterborough association to run a fundraising drive on behalf of Kawartha Food Share, which supports the Millbrook Food Share. Collecting donations in fishing nets along King Street on the morning of July 22nd, organizers received… Continue reading

Sprinkles N Things Café Opens in Bethany

It might seem like a new business, but Amanda Mitchell has been working her magic in the kitchen as a small business owner since 2017.   She began by offering cooking classes and workshops for children.  Classes included cake and cupcake decorating, meal prep and lessons on food safety and recycling. … Continue reading