Millbrook Equine Offers a Variety of Services for the Horse Lover

It’s has been five years since Christine Millet and her family moved to their farm on Fallis Line, and they’ve made big changes to the property since their arrival, all with their own hands. The property is home to Millbrook Equine Services, where Christine boards, trains, breeds and provides riding… Continue reading

New Bakery Joins Millbrook Market 

Scott Williams and his partner, Lea Tran, are combining their love of gardening and baking in their bakery business they call Wildflower Bakery.  Operating out of their home in Havelock, their baked goods feature sustainably grown, certified organic and local ingredients, sometimes from their own garden. They produce hand-crafted bread… Continue reading

Out of the Ashes – Woodleigh Farms Rebuilds with an Eye to the Future

July 17th marked two years since an early morning fire wiped out five barns in the twinkling of an eye at Woodleigh Farms in Cavan Monaghan Township. Five fire crews responded to the devastation, where 30,000 square feet of barns were leveled and a herd of 1500 pigs perished, along… Continue reading

Farmers’ Market Opens This Sunday With COVID-19 Safety Measures

The Millbrook Farmers’ Market will open its 2020 season this Sunday, June 28 at the Old Millbrook School parking lot, 1 Dufferin Street.  We will be open from 10:00am to 1:00pm.  When you arrive, you will find a different set-up this season.  We will have in place several COVID-related safety… Continue reading

Farmers’ Market to Open June 28 with COVID-19 Precautions

The Millbrook Farmers’ Market is set to open its 2020 season on Sunday, June 28.  It will be a different kind of market this year as we put in place all of the necessary COVID-19 safety measures required by Peterborough Public Health.   Our priority this season is to keep everyone… Continue reading

More Local Food Coming

Last month, council received a request from Cavan resident Larissa Nicholson, to launch a REKO-style farmers’ market in the township. Backed by a group of six local producers, Nicholson proposed a weekly event on Thursdays between the hours of 5:45‐6:45 operating in a municipal parking lot where food producers could… Continue reading

Coming Soon – A New Local Food Network

As farmers’ markets everywhere scramble to find safe new ways of operating during the current pandemic, one model in particular appears to be gaining traction in this region and elsewhere. Originally popularized in Finland several years ago, the REKO (meaning fair consumption) model directly connects food producers and consumers using… Continue reading

Millbrook Farmers’ Market Update – May 2020

As of press time, the opening of the Millbrook Farmers’ Market continues to be postponed.  We are currently awaiting additional information from Peterborough Public Health, the agency that oversees and regulates farmers’ markets. Under provincial COVID-19 directives, farmers’ markets are considered an essential service and our local health unit (PPH)… Continue reading