Farmers Reach out to Connect Crops to Food

This is one of three crop identifier signs for corn, wheat and soybeans created by the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture along with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.  This one is located on County Rd. 9 just east of County Rd. 28 south of Bailieboro.  They are placed on the edges… Continue reading

Patient Gardeners Can Expand Home Fruit Production with Pawpaws

Ambitious gardeners seeking to diversify their food production output could consider growing Pawpaws, according to Cavan resident Andy Harjula. Tropical in appearance and flavour, the fruit of this North American native tree is highly prized for its flavour and nutritional value.  A recent lecture by Ken Taylor of Greenbarn Fruit… Continue reading

New Woodlot Group Formed in Manvers

In collaboration with the Kawartha Land Trust, and The Ontario Woodlot Association, a new initiative has been launched by our neighbours to the west. They have started a local Forestry Cooperative.  Among the many motives for this move was to prevent their plantations from collapsing, position themselves to take advantage… Continue reading

Suzanne’s Hot Stuff Delivers Heat and Flavour

Suzanne Schmidt is confident, straight-forward, and also a great cook.  Her flavours are rooted in  her Guyanese background and all include heat, but her products deliver more than that burning sensation.  Her products are carefully crafted to showcase flavour, featuring sweet mango, lemon and pineapple, savoury garlic and onions and… Continue reading

Victory Garden Supply Opens in Fraserville

  The traditional red brick centre-hall plan home in Fraserville is the new home of Victory Garden Supply.  The company itself is not new- it has been operating as a wholesaler in Peterborough, servicing the commercial horticultural industry since 2012.  The beginnings were humble.   Operating out of a mini-van, owner… Continue reading

Local Farmers Donate Hay to Counterparts in Need

With some local farmers harvesting a fourth crop of hay, it’s safe to say that hay is in abundance in our neighbourhood.  Not so in Northern Ontario, or out west. Extreme drought and heat conditions have left livestock farmers contemplating how to shrink their herds given the lack of feed… Continue reading

Drew McFadden’s Unique Chick Fostering Business

Two years ago, thirteen-year-old Drew McFadden returned from the Millbrook Fair with two chickens. The chicken coop in the yard near his house had not been occupied for decades, but he quickly converted it to a comfortable living space for his new charges.  The renovations also took into consideration Drew’s… Continue reading

Gypsy Moth Infestation Prevention: Round Two

  This has been a bad year for the Gypsy moth.  While we usually see outbreaks of this pest every seven to ten years, 2021 will be the second year in a row of a severe infestation in many parts of Ontario. At the larvae stage, the creatures chew holes… Continue reading