Supporting Local Artisans and Craftspeople

As you can imagine, when you buy from big retailers, already wealthy shareholders and overpaid executives barely even notice. It is a very different experience for local artisans, a customer really does count and is cause for celebration because you are truly making a difference in real people’s lives. Not only are… Continue reading

It’s Okay to Say You’re Not Fine These Days

My Dad and sister are coming to visit today.  It will be the first time in seven months that I have seen my Dad.  This morning, I finally allowed myself to be excited because I knew it was really happening.  All week long I had felt irritable and I could… Continue reading

Grace Thom Celebrates 105th Birthday

Grace Thom, long-time resident of the Millbrook Manor, celebrated 105 years last month.  Compared to her 100th birthday when Grace took a tour around town on a motorcycle, this one was a subdued affair, with 20 well-wishers stopping by to extend their congratulations. The pandemic might have dampened the celebrations… Continue reading

Nancy Hannah Retires from the Millbrook Medical Centre

She has a reputation for making even the most threatening needle glide in painlessly, and her confidence, compassion and sense of humour were all on display behind the counter and in the examination room.  After 36 years supporting family doctors in the Millbrook Medical Centre, Nancy is calling it a… Continue reading

New Bakery Joins Millbrook Farmer’s Market

Like many youngsters, Megan Deeth began developing her baking skills on weekends helping her Mom bake anything and everything- from basic banana bread to more elaborate cakes and pies.  Her fascination with the magic of whisking, mixing and folding ingredients together to create delicious treats motivated her to complete the… Continue reading

Take a Hike: Millbrook Valley Trails is One of Our Original Outdoor Playgrounds

From its entrance at the Medd’s Mountain Park and the millpond in the village of Millbrook, the original loop of Millbrook Valley Trails (MVT) traverses a diversity of natural vegetative communities to the southern boundary of the Ministry of Natural Resource Provincial Fishing and Nature Areas, and follows Baxter Creek… Continue reading

A Sacrament On The Collection Plate

Excerpt #2 from John Sloan’s Memoir- My Out of Pulpit Experiences At some point during most church services on Sunday mornings, collection plates are passed around.  Sometimes, people pass along notes to the clergy along with the donation. The topics in these messages are generally complaints: the minister is too… Continue reading