Take a Hike: Millbrook Valley Trails is One of Our Original Outdoor Playgrounds

From its entrance at the Medd’s Mountain Park and the millpond in the village of Millbrook, the original loop of Millbrook Valley Trails (MVT) traverses a diversity of natural vegetative communities to the southern boundary of the Ministry of Natural Resource Provincial Fishing and Nature Areas, and follows Baxter Creek… Continue reading

A Sacrament On The Collection Plate

Excerpt #2 from John Sloan’s Memoir- My Out of Pulpit Experiences At some point during most church services on Sunday mornings, collection plates are passed around.  Sometimes, people pass along notes to the clergy along with the donation. The topics in these messages are generally complaints: the minister is too… Continue reading

Rev. John Sloan Pens a Memoir

  Members of the United Church congregations in Millbrook and Cavan were served for seven years by Reverend John Sloan, an amiable, sports-loving minister who had “been around”.  He is still the Padre for the local legion, but has been retired for many years and now resides in Jackson Creek… Continue reading

What will the 2021 Census Reveal about our Changing Community?

Once every five years, Statistics Canada conducts a census of the population which provides insight into the changes in our population, illustrating how the makeup of our population is changing over time in terms of age, ethnicity, as well as where and how we live. The next data collection exercise… Continue reading

Local Firm Comes to the Rescue of Women’s Institute

This year, the local Women’s Institute was the beneficiary of some generosity from a local firm which stepped in to clean up an unusual mess.  Early this winter, a fire extinguisher fell off the wall in the kitchen of the Mount Pleasant Women’s Institute’s kitchen.  It literally exploded, blasting yellow fire… Continue reading

Towerhill North Information Meeting Draws Little Interest

Only ten members of the public participated in the virtual meeting hosted on behalf of the Towerhill North developer by members of Innovative Planning Solutions (IPS) and other advisors.  The event was an unusual gesture on behalf of the developer to hear the community’s concerns and suggestions in the early… Continue reading

Milbrook Christian Assembly Finds Ways to Connect

  “Lockdown does not mean shutdown,” Pastor Mark Smallwood In a time where social interaction is impermissible, the need for connection remains.  As businesses, organizations, governments and households have had to figure out new ways of navigating this current lifestyle.  Innovation is required to make this happen. Narrowing in, the… Continue reading

Local Author Pens Historical Novel Series

Tony Parks is working on his fifth book now.  He writes his stories long-hand, and his very patient wife Patty transcribes his stories.  She jokes that it makes for interesting Friday evenings, but she admits it has been a wonderful pastime over the past 40 years.  Patient, indeed. Tony began… Continue reading