Serena Ryder Shares her Story in Virtual Spirit of Hope Event

Serena is taking her story to a new venue as the keynote speaker for this annual mental health event hosted by St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation in Hamilton on October 7th.  In this free, virtual event, the pride of Millbrook will share her personal mental health journey in song and word… Continue reading

Student Sets the Stage for Meaningful Reconciliation

With clear minds, fresh perspectives and pure motives, young people can often lead the way to meaningful change when weary adults flounder, held back by their baggage of preconceived ideas. Autumn Sky joined CML libraries in July as a summer student.   A 2nd year student in the Indigenous Bachelor of… Continue reading

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours – Robert Frost

Normally property line disputes cause ill feelings between neighbours, but a local dispute has resulted in an outcry from an entire neighbourhood. Trouble has been brewing around Collins Lane in Millbrook for a few years now.  A pedestrian path connecting Centre Street to King Street, it was originally part of… Continue reading

Another Local Summer Company Entrepreneurship Program

The Summer Company Program is the Government of Ontario’s flagship youth entrepreneurship program which helps youth aged 15-29 try their hand at business ownership by connecting them with up to $3000 in start-up funding, one-on-one guidance from BAC staff, advice and mentorship from local business leaders, access to business workshops,… Continue reading

Local Writer Secures Award for New Novel

Dennis Vanderspek of Millbrook has won the 2021 Kenneth Patchen Award for the Innovative Novel for his wonderful novel A Is for Everyone!  From among the many dozens of delightful books submitted for the contest, Vanderspek’s novel eventually rose to the top. In his encomium for the novel, contest judge… Continue reading

Supporting Local Artisans and Craftspeople

As you can imagine, when you buy from big retailers, already wealthy shareholders and overpaid executives barely even notice. It is a very different experience for local artisans, a customer really does count and is cause for celebration because you are truly making a difference in real people’s lives. Not only are… Continue reading

It’s Okay to Say You’re Not Fine These Days

My Dad and sister are coming to visit today.  It will be the first time in seven months that I have seen my Dad.  This morning, I finally allowed myself to be excited because I knew it was really happening.  All week long I had felt irritable and I could… Continue reading

Grace Thom Celebrates 105th Birthday

Grace Thom, long-time resident of the Millbrook Manor, celebrated 105 years last month.  Compared to her 100th birthday when Grace took a tour around town on a motorcycle, this one was a subdued affair, with 20 well-wishers stopping by to extend their congratulations. The pandemic might have dampened the celebrations… Continue reading