Re:  Take a Hike – the Millbrook Valley Trails

I read with interest the feature on the Millbrook Valley Trails, of which I am a huge fan. We truly do have a wonderful outdoor resource here, skillfully developed and maintained by committed and energetic volunteers with support from the township and Otonabee Conservation.  As one of those who likes… Continue reading

Commemorative Plaques Coming to Needler’s Mill

There are plaques coming to adorn this post that has been installed beside the Mill, which will provide details about the history of the mill and pond.  Some of the details are outlined below. In 1820, John Deyell first financed the construction of a mill and dam at this location,… Continue reading

Pandemic Challenges for Historic Mount Pleasant Women’s Institute Hall

The members of the Mount Pleasant Women’s Institute (WI) are known for their hospitality.  They host a variety of social events in their hall located on County Rd. 10, including community dinners, pancake breakfasts, markets, music events and of course, their monthly meetings. The Women’s Institute organization has a rich… Continue reading

Historical Society – Going light and bright for March

Peter and Anne Ramsay, curators for the Historical Society’s display cabinet at the Millbrook Library, unearthed some of the tried and tested Fisher-Price sets from the period when Quaker Oats owned the Fisher-Price Company (1969-1991) and earlier.  These toys were manufactured in the USA and Canada.   The guiding principles for… Continue reading

Putting Names to Faces in the Waiting Room

In the December issue of the Millbrook Times, a photo donated to the Historical Society by Greg Ret was featured, with a call out to the community to identify the occasion and some of the faces.  Quick to respond to the challenge were Carol (Ridge) Donaldson and Gary Snelgrove.  Both… Continue reading

Local Author Pens Historical Novel Series

Tony Parks is working on his fifth book now.  He writes his stories long-hand, and his very patient wife Patty transcribes his stories.  She jokes that it makes for interesting Friday evenings, but she admits it has been a wonderful pastime over the past 40 years.  Patient, indeed. Tony began… Continue reading

Help Needed to Solve a Mystery

The Millbrook and Cavan Historical Society recently received this photograph as part of a donation, and we are intrigued!  Can you help us out?  There are clues:  the photo is of men and children only – a special banquet of sorts?  The picture hanging on the back wall is of… Continue reading

An Ideal Opportunity for Learning

  The following appeared in a recent newsletter circulated to the members of the Millbrook & Cavan Historical Society: With no chance to gather these days for our regular monthly meetings to learn about aspects of our history, this is an ideal time to take advantage of the free education… Continue reading

Don’t Miss the Car Show!

Of the many local cancelled events these past few months, one of the real crowd pleasers is July’s annual Classic Car Show organized annually by the Millbrook and District Lions Club and the Millbrook BIA. Recognizing this hole in the community’s schedule, Peter Ramsay has paid tribute to this event… Continue reading