Towerhill North Subdivision Moves Forward

This week, Council approved the Plan of Subdivision for Towerhill North.  This was the final step in the approval process which was first outlined in October, 2021 through a draft plan including conditions of approval issued by Peterborough County.  Work at this location to install services has been underway for… Continue reading

Ladies’ Night Comes Early This Year – 2024

This fan favourite event is taking place on King St, Thursday July 25 from 4-9 pm. Organizers have incorporating a Back to the ‘80’s them with music and entertainment provided by established We have a theme, for the first time, we are taking it “back to the 80’s” There will… Continue reading

Centennial Place Earns World Class Designation

In July 2020, the world was in the thick if finding ways to navigate the pandemic which had arrived a few months earlier. During this challenging time, Centennial Place and its sister long term care home, Moira Place in Tweed, looked to the future.  They embarked on a three-year journey… Continue reading

New Mobile Foot Care Business

Jennifer Doran is a Registered Nurse with thirteen years of experience. er nursing career began in hospitals and she eventually moved into working in a long term care home where she acquired a lot of experience treating foot issues for the elderly.  For older folks, foot care is not just… Continue reading

The Village Apothecary in Millbrook

Pictured is Dr. Brenda Tapp, Naturopathic Doctor and owner/ operator of the Village Apothecary in Millbrook and the Peterborough Centre of Naturopathic Medicine was recently acknowledged by Community Votes as top providers of acupuncture, naturopathy and nutrition in the Community Votes program. At her Millbrook location there are currently four… Continue reading

Autumn Smith Returns to Direct 4th Line Theatre’s First Play of 2024

Last August, Autumn Smith stepped in as Musical Director of the 2023 production of the Cavan Blazers, replacing brother-in-law Justin Hiscox who was suddenly hospitalized for many weeks due to a severe leg infection. It seems she was hooked, as this year she returns to the 4th Line as the… Continue reading