New Memorial Panel Installed at Needler’s Mill

Photo Karen Graham.
Pictured is Sandra Hall in front of a freshly-installed panel at Needler’s Mill that was created in honour of her late mother, Sally Hall.

On Wednesday, May 15, 1:30 pm, a memorial panel was unveiled at Needler’s Mill in honour the memory of “Sally” Shirley Hall in whose name it was donated.

The project was initiated by her daughter Sandra Hall, who lives and farms just east of Hutchison Dr. on Zion Line.  Sally was a very active in the Millbrook community for more than 26 years and continued to visit after her move to Peterborough.  During one of those visits, she and her daughter noticed the “Save Needler’s Mill” campaign.

The panel describes the history of the mill in words and photos, from its original beginnings as a log building created by John and James Deyell through several fires and its ultimate relocation to its current position where it operated into the 1960’s.  Its turbine was fueled by water flowing through a penstock from the Millpond, transforming local grain into cracked wheat porridge and fine white flour sold in local stores and in Peterborough under the brand White Rose.

Next time you’re in the area, take a moment to examine this new installation which instills a new appreciation of the history of the area and why the town is called Millbrook.  KG

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