Talented Physiotherapists Set up Shop in Millbrook

Gary Trail and his life and work partner Laine Corp may not be from here, but they are embracing the village with enthusiasm. Laine had a sense of what lay ahead when the couple moved here two years ago, having been raised on a Hereford farm in Omemee and shown… Continue reading

New Business Launches Online Auctions with More to Come

Ashley Chandler and her husband Chris Cook come from a family of entrepreneurs. The Chandlers have recently sold the family business in Oshawa, so the couple decided to start out on their own and have purchased the property at 1133 County Rd. 10 previously owned by an industrial equipment rental… Continue reading

What will the 2021 Census Reveal about our Changing Community?

Once every five years, Statistics Canada conducts a census of the population which provides insight into the changes in our population, illustrating how the makeup of our population is changing over time in terms of age, ethnicity, as well as where and how we live. The next data collection exercise… Continue reading

COMMENT – March 2021

Our community is changing.  For the most part, we might feel that we have little influence on most of the changes – the scale of a new development, public health measures that restrict our activities, and even the proposed changes to Cavan’s “four corners” intersection.  These changes are prescribed for… Continue reading

Millbrook Home Hardware Celebrates Ten Years

  Before coming to Millbrook, Home Hardware Manager David Britton had worked at many other Home Hardware stores in the area, so he knew what he was getting into when he stepped into his store manager role in Millbrook on March 3rd, 2011. He soon learned that unlike Peterborough, the… Continue reading

Starter Company Winners King and Tupper

Dean and Amy Howley, of new venture King and Tupper, were one of the recipients of the grants from Peterborough and the Kawarthas Economic Development (PKED) fall Starter Company.  They are pictured with son Dawson with one of the new items the couple has created using the tools they purchased… Continue reading

Latest Municipal Budget Draft Proposes 1% Rate Increase

The 2021 Municipal budget analysis began with a bit of welcome news: at the end of 2020 there was an operating surplus of almost $250,000.  All departments contributed to this surplus through reduced costs stemming from temporary lay-offs, reduced hours of service, fewer events, reduced travel and office expenditures.  Efforts… Continue reading

Towerhill North Information Meeting Draws Little Interest

Only ten members of the public participated in the virtual meeting hosted on behalf of the Towerhill North developer by members of Innovative Planning Solutions (IPS) and other advisors.  The event was an unusual gesture on behalf of the developer to hear the community’s concerns and suggestions in the early… Continue reading

Peterborough County #2 Draft Budget Proposes 2.23% Increase

Property tax bills in Cavan-Monaghan include allocation to three service providers: the municipality, Peterborough County and the Ministry of Education. Each of them determine their funding requirements based on their own operations, legislative requirements and ratepayer expectations.  Of the 2020 property tax receipts paid to Cavan-Monaghan, 58% were retained for… Continue reading