Council to Consider On-Road ATV Use on Municipal Roads

With 30 spectators in the gallery at the last Council meeting, it was clear a new issue was touching a nerve with some community members. The item of interest was a report presented by Parks and Facilities Manager Gerry Barker regarding potential routes for consideration for on-road All-Terrain Vehicle traffic…. Continue reading

The Arena: Where Memories and Friendships Were Made

I attended the final skate at the Arena yesterday, and as I sat there in my old spot I began reminiscing, thinking about what that place meant to so many. My last official visit to that arena was in the Fall of 2002 when my late husband’s Cavan Blazer sweater… Continue reading

Township Responds to Proposed Amendments to Planning Legislation

Gone are the days when landowners could build a retirement home on their property for grandpa or a starter home for the kids.  Lot creation is subject to a growing web of regulations, with principles articulated in the Planning Act which establishes the policy to guide land use decisions across… Continue reading

Township Budget Conclusions

The Township budget passed with little comment last month, with Council approving a 2.5% hike in the municipal portion of the local property tax bills.  The total operating budget amounts to $7,144,906 with the capital budget totalling $5,891,092. The County also approved their budget last week, which concluded with a… Continue reading

Pump Track Proposal Receives Warm Reception

Council was introduced to an interesting recreational opportunity at last month’s Council meeting when biking enthusiasts John Frizzle and David D’Agostino outlined their proposal for a local Pump Track. These installations consist of a continuous bike loop that users can ride without pedaling, which incorporates berms, criss-crossing lines and smooth… Continue reading