Utility Shortage Constraints for Approved Development Projects

Over the past six years, Cavan Monaghan has been a significant contributor to the inventory for new homes in the region, particularly in and around the village of Millbrook. This is not breaking news.  Some of this development was anticipated in the 2015 Official Plan and three Minister’s Zoning Orders… Continue reading

That’s a Wrap- Former Millbrook Landfill Receives the All-Clear

Since it ceased operation in 2010, the former Millbrook Landfill site located on the south side of County Rd. 10 just west of Tapley ¼ Line has been the subject of mandatory environmental monitoring to ensure there was no residual contamination at the site.  This annual expense has been funded… Continue reading

Proposed Legislation Will Create More Homes, Less Food Say Farm Organizations

The flurry of provincial legislation designed to facilitate the construction of new homes in Ontario continues, leaving municipalities wondering how to adhere to the new rules while maintaining viable and liveable communities. Bills 109 and 23 aim to build homes faster, primarily through administrative changes to the planning rules and… Continue reading

OLG Issues 4th Quarter Gaming Payment to Cavan-Monaghan

Late last month, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) submitted the fourth quarter payment for the three months ending March 31st in the amount of $78,447 to the Township of Cavan-Monaghan for hosting Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs.  This payment concludes OLG’s fiscal year, during which the township has… Continue reading

Cavan Monaghan’s Garbage Performance is in the Dumps

The Environmental Services Update provided by Public Works in the February 6th meeting did not paint a pretty picture of our township’s waste generation situation. The introduction of the mandatory use of clear bags in January 2020 was expected to ensure that everyone was recycling and would reduce the volume… Continue reading

New Legislation Shifts Recyclable Waste Responsibility to Producers

At last week’s Council meeting, Peterborough County’s Manager of Waste Management Kerri Snoddy outlined changes in legislation surrounding recycling across the province. The objective of the new regulations which come into effect in January 2024 across the County is to shift the burden of managing recyclable waste generated by products… Continue reading

Final Budget Approves 3% Municipal Rate Increase

At the final budget meeting last month, Cavan Monaghan Council approved a residential Tax Rate increase of three percent to fund the municipal operating and capital expenditures for 2023. This is significantly lower than the original starting point where departments were seeking funding that would have resulted in an increase… Continue reading

Re-Use Centre Re-opens April 1st

At the February 6th Council meeting, Director of Public Works Wayne Hancock reported the scheduled re-opening of the much-missed Reuse Centre at the Transfer Station on Syer Line.  Residents have been asking about this facility for many months. Hancock explained that the building was closed during the COVID-19 pandemic at… Continue reading

Report Outlines Final Electoral Boundary Maps

pdf_04 electoral boundary mappdf_04 electoral boundary map The report of the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for the Province of Ontario was published on February 8th2023. It lays out the final electoral districts drawn by the Commission designed to establish, as closely as reasonably possible, a level of voter parity across… Continue reading