New Plan of Subdivision Received by Peterborough County

It appears that the appetite for building new residences in Millbrook has not yet been satisfied. Last week, Peterborough County confirmed it had received another complete Application for a Plan of Subdivision for property in Cavan-Monaghan from CSU Development, an arm of Bromont Homes which is owned and operated by… Continue reading

Big Projects, Big Budgets

In their July meeting, Council grappled with the financing of the three major capital projects currently on the horizon: the new Fire Hall, the Public Works Centre (Cavan Yard) and the Parks and Public Works building.  Funds will come from a variety of sources, including Development Charge revenue, transfers from… Continue reading

New Electoral Ward Boundaries Established

At last week’s Council meeting, new boundaries that redivide the township for electoral purposes were approved.  They provide for a more equitable population distribution and representation amongst the wards, keep traditional hamlets together and provide strong, easily recognized boundaries in the form of roads.  While the southern ward which includes… Continue reading

Infrastructure Funding Approvals Just One Part of the Puzzle

In 2019, a new grant program called Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program was announced. Eager to secure funding for some local projects, an application was made under the Community Culture and Recreation stream, where 73.33% of project funding requirements are covered by the Federal and Provincial governments.  When these grant… Continue reading

County Development Charges Policy Revamp

Last month, Peterborough County Director of Finance Trena DeBruijn presented the summary of activity for the Development Charges (DC) revenue and expenses for 2020.  This is a mandatory report submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing as required by the Development Charges Act. Development charges are one-time fees… Continue reading

Latest Municipal Budget Draft Proposes 1% Rate Increase

The 2021 Municipal budget analysis began with a bit of welcome news: at the end of 2020 there was an operating surplus of almost $250,000.  All departments contributed to this surplus through reduced costs stemming from temporary lay-offs, reduced hours of service, fewer events, reduced travel and office expenditures.  Efforts… Continue reading

Peterborough County #2 Draft Budget Proposes 2.23% Increase

Property tax bills in Cavan-Monaghan include allocation to three service providers: the municipality, Peterborough County and the Ministry of Education. Each of them determine their funding requirements based on their own operations, legislative requirements and ratepayer expectations.  Of the 2020 property tax receipts paid to Cavan-Monaghan, 58% were retained for… Continue reading

Tough Decisions Ahead for Budget 2021

The first draft budget outlined in Director of Finance Kimberley Pope’s December presentation was unique in several ways.  First, the Operations Budget showed just a 0.1% increase over that of 2020, which is good news. Last year that section showed an increase of 15.9% over the previous year. Second, because… Continue reading

A Glimpse into Towerhill 2.0

After years in the works, a revised plan of subdivision application for Phase 2 of the Towerhill Subdivision was published last week, providing a look at the developer’s vision for the next phase of the Highlands of Millbrook, in planning documents referred to as Towerhill North. The proposal is now… Continue reading