Towerhill North Subdivision Moves Forward

This week, Council approved the Plan of Subdivision for Towerhill North.  This was the final step in the approval process which was first outlined in October, 2021 through a draft plan including conditions of approval issued by Peterborough County.  Work at this location to install services has been underway for several months.

The site consists of roughly 128 acres with frontage on County Road 10 north from the new Fire Hall location to Larmer Line, and behind the municipal building and the CMCC with frontage along Fallis Line. Towerhill North and South are connected by a continuation of Highlands Boulevard which crosses Fallis Line and wraps around the new Fire Hall site.  Returning emergency vehicles will access this new facility from this street.

The plan consists of 718 residential units and includes a number of blocks for parkland, open space, environmental protection and stormwater management uses, in addition to a block for a new school.  The residential units include single detached homes, townhouses as well as apartments.  There is also an assisted living and an active seniors’ building in the proposal.  The development will be serviced with municipal water and sewage services.   The site includes

Phase 1 of the development includes 232 single detached residential lots, 26

townhouse blocks, 3 multi residential unit blocks, 2 walkway blocks, 1 stormwater

management block, 1 institutional block, and 2 environmental protection blocks.  It is in the area directly behind the municipal facilities fronting on Fallis Line and includes the extension of Highlands Boulevard on the north side of the new Fire Hall site.

A request to defer the pre-payment of development charges related to water and waster services until occupancy or sale of the lot was not supported by staff or Council because of the extra administrative burden this would present to the municipality, but did agree to receive payment for all development charges at the time of issue of the building permit.  Council also agreed to accept a Subdivision bond rather than a letter of credit as security to ensure that the Developer will abide by and complete the obligations set out in the subdivision agreement.

Complete details of the subdivision identified as 15T-18002 including streets, lots and blocks for other uses are available on the township website.  KG

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