Towerhill North Subdivision Moves Forward

This week, Council approved the Plan of Subdivision for Towerhill North.  This was the final step in the approval process which was first outlined in October, 2021 through a draft plan including conditions of approval issued by Peterborough County.  Work at this location to install services has been underway for… Continue reading

Township Assumes Responsibility for Sewage System Approvals

If you are not on the municipal water system, chances are you have your own wastewater system in your backyard, most commonly called a septic system.  These onsite wastewater treatment systems process every drip that goes down the drain and every flush of the toilet.  They consist of a tank… Continue reading

Ladies’ Night Comes Early This Year – 2024

This fan favourite event is taking place on King St, Thursday July 25 from 4-9 pm. Organizers have incorporating a Back to the ‘80’s them with music and entertainment provided by established We have a theme, for the first time, we are taking it “back to the 80’s” There will… Continue reading