No Routes for ORV’s in Cavan Monaghan

The controversy is over for now. In a split decision, Council decided not to support the proposed one year pilot project that would have allowed the use of ATV’s on a designated route along sections of Dranoel and Glamorgan roads connecting the Victoria Rail Trail near Bethany to a trail… Continue reading

CMCC Begins to Re-Open October 13th

Last month, Council approved a two-phased re-opening approach for the Cavan Monaghan Community Centre. On October 13th, the ice surface and walking track will re-open by appointment only for Phase One.  In Phase 2, bookings for the additional facilities including the Community Hall, Studio Room, Meeting Room and Overlook Room… Continue reading

It Takes a Village: Working Together to Ensure a Safe Return to School

Behind the scenes, there has been an enormous amount of work done to prepare for the safe return of students to schools. The work continues, with school openings staggered to allow for a gradual re-entry with time enough for everyone to learn the new rules of engagement and public health… Continue reading

New Dog Control Regulations

Last month, Council approved a new Dog Control bylaw to address some issues that have arisen since the 2013 version was implemented.  In addition to the normal licensing and “stoop and scoop” provisions, the new regulation includes sections to better control the number of dogs permitted on properties in the… Continue reading

Local Seniors’ Home Care Service

After 30 years working with seniors in institutional settings in Bowmanville and Oshawa, Kelly Dejong decided to go out on her own and support seniors in and around her home in Pontypool. She brings a wealth of experience in designing and implementing recreational programs for seniors, and understands her clients… Continue reading

For the Majority of Students It’s Back to Class

With the deadline for registration for online classes well passed, it is clear the majority of parents across the province will be sending their children back to school in a few weeks. In the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board (KPRDSB), only 16% of students were signed up for online… Continue reading

Why Our Kids Need Healthy School Food During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With September around the corner, schools are gearing up to reopen after COVID-19 shut downs. This pandemic has taught us not only about physical health, but also the importance of healthy eating, mental health, social connection, and learning for our kids. So, what is one ingredient needed for all of these,… Continue reading

Belize Stops COVID at the Border

The Belizeans have been much more successful than Canada or the US in fighting the COVID invasion. Belize began their program in early February.  Arriving in Belize on February 6th and completely unaware of the pending disaster, I was met by four medical staff who asked the questions we are asked when we… Continue reading