Peterborough County Seeks Input for Future Health Care Delivery in the Region

Last week, Peterborough County launched a new Healthcare Needs Assessment form, designed to gather crucial insights directly from the residents of Peterborough County. The feedback will form the foundation of a new strategic plan for the delivery of healthcare in our region. All residents are encouraged to complete the survey… Continue reading

Millbrook Medical Centre Welcomes Nurse Practitioner Kathryn Roka

Last month, Millbrook Medical Centre welcomed Nurse Practitioner Kathryn Roka to their team, filling a void created with the departure three years ago of the previous Nurse Practitioner. This is Kathryn’s second professional career. Until her mid-30’s, she was a law clerk in a Toronto firm on Bay Street, then… Continue reading

ORCA Begins Spring Dam Maintenance on Local Dams

Otonabee Conservation staff are conducting spring dam operations over the next few weeks at dams under their control, which includes the dam at the Millbrook Millpond.  This involves placing stop-logs into dams and installing warning buoys and buoy-lines upstream of Authority-owned dams.  These warning buoys and buoy-lines act like ‘floating… Continue reading

Friendship Force Celebrates One Year

A year ago, three dedicated mothers launched a new program they call Friendship Force. A social club for local individuals 18 and older who have different abilities, they meet on Tuesday afternoons at the Cavan Monaghan Community Centre.  For the members of the group, Tuesday has become their favourite day… Continue reading

Peterborough Opens the Door to Cross-Border Servicing

At the March 4th meeting, Council was asked to comment on a proposed amendment to Peterborough’s Official Plan The clause in question prohibited the extension of municipal services such as water, sewer and utilities beyond its borders except to service city-owned facilities such as the Peterborough Airport.  The proposed amendment… Continue reading

Take It Easy on the Road

On Tuesday afternoon the sun was shining, and many kids had taken to the streets- on bikes, rollerblades and scoot- ers. Shrieks of laughter from a nearby playground filled the air as children came out to get reacquainted with the pleasures of playing outdoors in their shirt sleeves. They aren’t… Continue reading

VON Provides Support to Aging Adults and Their Caregivers

The Victorian Order of Nurses has a long history of offering home care and public nursing, but these days not all of their services involve nurses.  The type of services provided vary by community, but the organization’s mission is to deliver caring support to help people live in their homes. … Continue reading

Millbrook Manor: the Destination of Choice for Independent Seniors

Millbrook Manor is a well-kept secret.  Tucked in the village behind Foodland, it is ideally located within walking distance to the downtown area and has been a popular destination for seniors seeking affordable rental housing in the community.  Originally called the Millbrook Senior Citizens’ Lodge.  These days its official name… Continue reading

Construction on the New Fire Hall Moving Forward with Fall Occupancy Target

Above is a photo of the New Fire Hall project taken last month as concrete foundations were being installed. The foundations are now complete, and the structural components are expected to arrive in early February. The project faced delays in the early stage due to several disagreements between the builder… Continue reading