Fire Chief Balfour Shares Hwy 115 Safety Concerns with MTO

After a difficult winter of repeated highway traffic accidents on Highway 115, particularly in the vicinity of the Tapley ¼ Line ramps, Cavan Monaghan Fire Chief Bill Balfour sent an extensive list of concerns to the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) in April to seek support to improve road conditions along… Continue reading

Public Health: Protecting You Behind the Scenes

Peterborough Public Health is mandated by Ontario’s Health Promotion and Protection Act (HPPA) to detect and effectively address threats to your health, as they arise. We have your back, and you probably don’t even realize it. Most of our work is invisible – it happens every day, round the clock,… Continue reading

Local Bat Tests Positive for Rabies

Last month, Peterborough Public Health confirmed that a local bat found in early September, tested positive for rabies, and want to remind residents to steer clear of wild animals commonly known to carry the disease. “This positive animal case confirms what we already know – that rabies is present in… Continue reading

New Regulations Designed to Preserve Biosecurity on the Farm

Last month, the Ontario farm community was reminded to take firm steps to prevent unwanted trespassers from entering their farm because of the biosecurity threat they present. Visitors to farms, both invited and not, are a growing trend in rural Ontario as consumers become more interested in understanding the source… Continue reading

Avoid the silent killer and get a carbon monoxide alarm

Manitobans must be breathing a sigh of relief: last month, 46 people were poisoned by carbon monoxide at a Winnipeg motel. Thanks to an alarm in a boiler room, they were rescued and no one died. It was a near-miss. Media reported carbon monoxide levels close to 400 parts per… Continue reading

Council to Consider On-Road ATV Use on Municipal Roads

With 30 spectators in the gallery at the last Council meeting, it was clear a new issue was touching a nerve with some community members. The item of interest was a report presented by Parks and Facilities Manager Gerry Barker regarding potential routes for consideration for on-road All-Terrain Vehicle traffic…. Continue reading

Expanded Midwifery Services Coming to Peterborough

Last week the province announced an additional $193,648 this year to support midwives in Peterborough-Kawartha, part of their $28 million commitment to expand midwifery services across Ontario.  This extension will help families access additional choice in primary care during a pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  The province is also working to… Continue reading

Protect Yourself Against Internet Frauds and Scams

Last week, Social Services division of Peterborough teamed up with Age-Friendly Peterborough to host their seventh Seniors’ Showcase.  The free event featured information booths from more than 100 agencies and businesses providing services relevant to seniors along with workshops and presentations covering topics from dementia, stress management, financial services and… Continue reading

Farm Safety Starts with Good Housekeeping

This season has been particularly challenging for the agricultural community.  Even when the sun has been shining, the consequences of consecutive days of rain has left many fields too wet to prepare, let alone plant.  When a window of opportunity to make some headway opens, farmers are eager to literally… Continue reading

Local Firm Provides Mobile Fire Protection Services

These days, homeowners are focused on the dangers of water damage to their properties as record rains make flooding a regular news item.  Fraser McNevan of Cavan would like to remind property owners of another risk that can be mitigated with some proactive moves: the danger of fire. He operates… Continue reading