Peterborough County Seeks Input for Future Health Care Delivery in the Region

Last week, Peterborough County launched a new Healthcare Needs Assessment form, designed to gather crucial insights directly from the residents of Peterborough County.

The feedback will form the foundation of a new strategic plan for the delivery of healthcare in our region. All residents are encouraged to complete the survey to ensure all needs are clearly understood.

The survey will provide invaluable insight into the health services desired by the community, which will help in the development of comprehensive healthcare solutions closer to home. It will also allow residents to register their need for a primary care provider and will act as the official list for residents without a family practitioner.

This initiative is designed to establish a long-term plan that will address some of the challenges faced by many in our community, including the difficulty in accessing primary care and the burden of long-distance travel for healthcare services. The objective is to streamline the process of securing primary care by eliminating the frustration of wait lists and offering a centralized database for Peterborough County for physicians seeking new patients or considering relocation to the region. This list will be the only place residents need to register, eliminating the need for residents to contact already overwhelmed practices or to de-roster from their current physician to be considered for a new family physician.

Peterborough County is taking the lead in healthcare advancement and physician recruitment in order to address the growing need for primary care in the region.  It seeks to provide healthcare environments that attract physicians and other healthcare professionals while addressing the community’s current and future healthcare requirements.

The initiative is being spearheaded by Lori Richey as our Health Care Advancement Coordinator, who brings a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring that our initiatives are not only effective but also tailored to the unique needs of our region.  The goal is to make healthcare more accessible to all residents, but first they need to better understand the needs in the region.

The initiative requires input from residents in all eight member municipalities, including Cavan Monaghan.  Provide your input by completing the Healthcare Needs Assessment form which is available at or by calling 705-930-4765.  You will be providing valuable information that will guide the development and implementation of a comprehensive, long-term strategy that will help foster a healthier future for all residents in Peterborough County. KG

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