Baxter Creek Watershed Alliance: Fleming 2023 GeoCommunity “Community Connections” Project

On Friday, June 23, 2023, Fleming College’s Geomatics Program in the School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences hosted their annual GeoCommunity Open House in Lindsay. Through this program the Baxter Creek Watershed Alliance hosted their second student mapping project with a three person team of Jordan Tishler (Project Lead),… Continue reading

Make Hay While the Sun Shines – The Rest of the Story

This farmer was raking his hay on Larmer Line last week in order to expedite the drying process so he could get it baled ahead of the rain in the weekend forecast. Raking fluffs up the crop, allowing better air circulation before the crop is baled and stored for later… Continue reading

Millbrook and Cave Firefighters’ Association Donate Teddy Bears

Last month, the Millbrook Cavan Firefighters Association donated 20 plush firefighter bears to the Fire Department. First responders carry plush toys to offer children they meet on calls to soothe and distract them during the emergency. Toys donated from other sources often have inappropriate messages such as Happy Birthday, so… Continue reading

Three Firefighters Receive Lifetime Member Status with the Millbrook Cavan Firefighters’ Association

On May 1st, the Volunteer Firefighters’ Association recognized the outstanding service of three of their members. Tom Armstrong, celebrated 40 years to the very day on Monday, while Orville Thertell, has been a member for 31 years, and Dave Auchterlonie a mere 30 years. This group not only come to… Continue reading

EarlyON Centre Seeks Help to Create Shade Structure

At the May 1st Council meeting, EarlyON Centre’s Managing Director Nancy Hurley explained the role of this critical family resource in our community.  Its mandate is to support early learning and development, engage parents and caregivers and help them make connections in the community.   It takes a community-directed approach, providing… Continue reading

Ticks Are Back – and so is the Risk of Lyme Disease

  Taking a hike is good for both physical and mental health, but along with that feeling of well-being might come a microscopic predator that could turn that effort into something that threatens rather than boosts your health. In woodlands, tall grasses and hiking trails across Ontario lie Black-legged ticks. … Continue reading

Drinking Water Report Earns Top Marks at its Annual Evaluation

At the last Council meeting, Water Wastewater Technician Jessica Fradley provided the Annual Drinking Water Report for 2022. This is mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP).   This ministry regulates and enforces the production and delivery of safe potable water to consumers under the Safe Drinking… Continue reading

Mischief and Vandalism Force 6pm Closure of CMCC Walking Track

As is often the case, the poor behaviour of a few affects to privileges of the many. A few weeks ago, Recreation staff decided to close access to the walking track at 6pm after a series of events where unsupervised youngsters played pranks that created dangerous situations for themselves as… Continue reading