Local Educators Embrace Program to Foster Environmental Stewardship

Local Grade six students are familiar with Camp Kawartha through the annual winter camp event that has been a tradition in the curriculum for decades. Established in 1921, the camp is an accredited, award-winning not-for-profit educational organization offering environmental education for students ages four to seventeen. Through their extensive programs,… Continue reading

Bottle Drive to Support Trout Unlimited’s Tree Giveaway Event

Trout Unlimited Millbrook is holding a bottle drive throughout the month of April at the Millbrook Farm & Pet Supply Store. We will also be partnering with the Lion’s club to host a bottle pickup at the Lion’s Den on April 24th from 10:00am-2:00pm to help the community celebrate Earth… Continue reading

Brook Trout – The Past and Present in Baxter Creek

Brook Trout are the only native trout in the Baxter Creek. They are an indicator of high water quality, requiring cold, highly oxygenated water to survive. They have been here for thousands of years, but have lost considerable habitat in Baxter Creek over the last 200 years. The reasons include… Continue reading

The Craziest Critter that Lives in Your Creek

Can you imagine taking a pile of rocks, stitching them together with silk into a tube, then crawling inside and calling it home?  You’d be safe from predators, and you’re not stuck in one spot, you can stick your feet out and walk around with your home going everywhere you… Continue reading