Re:  Take a Hike – the Millbrook Valley Trails

I read with interest the feature on the Millbrook Valley Trails, of which I am a huge fan. We truly do have a wonderful outdoor resource here, skillfully developed and maintained by committed and energetic volunteers with support from the township and Otonabee Conservation.  As one of those who likes… Continue reading

Follow the Yellow Fish Road…. to Millbrook

Early this fall of 2021, Trout Unlimited Millbrook, partnering with Otonabee Region Conservation Authority and Girl Guide Canada, will bring to the community the Yellow Fish Road ProgramTM.  This unique program builds on caring for our most precious resource, water. Millbrook is blessed with clean, cold, freshwater streams originating from… Continue reading

Ticks Are Back — and so is the risk of Lyme Disease

Taking a hike is good for both physical and mental health, but in that glorious outdoors lies a microscopic predator that could turn that effort into something that threatens rather than boosts your health. In woodlands, tall grasses and hiking trails across Ontario lie black-legged ticks.  On average, one in… Continue reading

Take a Hike: Millbrook Valley Trails is One of Our Original Outdoor Playgrounds

From its entrance at the Medd’s Mountain Park and the millpond in the village of Millbrook, the original loop of Millbrook Valley Trails (MVT) traverses a diversity of natural vegetative communities to the southern boundary of the Ministry of Natural Resource Provincial Fishing and Nature Areas, and follows Baxter Creek… Continue reading

Otonabee Conservation Warns of Possible Spring Drought

It is spring, and unlike most years, the 2021 freshet that occurs when warmer temperatures trigger snow and ice cover melt creating significant meltwater run-off into area waterbodies, has already passed us by. “This spring’s freshet, which was about one month earlier than normal, prompted a Flood Watch on March… Continue reading

Trout Fishing Begins Season in Southern Ontario

Last Saturday was the official start of the Trout fishing season in southern Ontario.  Normally that would mean the Millbrook pond would be inundated with hordes of young anglers, seeking the perfect perch from which to snag the elusive Millie and her friends which are installed by members of the… Continue reading