From Winter to Summer!

The following article originally ran in 2013. Other matters have been keeping me occupied so I’m hoping you won’t mind a second helping of this column. COVID-19 was certainly not on our radar back in those palmy days. Stay well! Of course we were all longing for the spring-that-didn’t-seem-to-want-to-get-started to… Continue reading

The Role of Baxter Creek in the Development of Millbrook

It is widely known that without Baxter Creek, Millbrook would not exist.  In the early 1820’s when this area was settled, a man named John Deyell chose to build his grist and sawmill on “E ½ 12th in 4th Concession”. Originally called Deyell’s Mill, this is what we now know… Continue reading

Keeping our Streams Clean and Healthy

Every living organism needs healthy water: plants, animals – people, too! Millbrook’s streams give farmers water for fields and animals, drinking water for everyone, and life to fish and wildlife. Trout need streams that run cold and clean. Local waters connect us as a community. We share their use and… Continue reading

Trout Fishing Season in Southern Ontario

  Last Saturday was the official start of the Trout fishing season in southern Ontario.  Normally that would mean the Millbrook pond would be inundated with hordes of young anglers, seeking the perfect perch from which to snag the elusive Millie and her friends which are delivered by members of… Continue reading

Watershed Health Resonates Loudest in the Spring

For many, spring represents welcome change and a fresh start. To some, spring also represents trout fishing! For trout such as brook trout and brown trout, the onset of the first aquatic insect hatch marks the beginning of a critical time where their priority is focused on feeding to support… Continue reading

Let’s Give Our Trails a Break

With the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak now a reality, the country is shutting down. People have been asked to stay home and distance themselves from others. We are all struggling to find creative ways to manage our idle time while also maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing. The trails… Continue reading

Millbrook EarlyON Child and Family Centre Continues to Fine Tune Programming

The Old Millbrook School Family Centre officially began in 2001, when it incorporated as a non-profit agency dedicated to the care, nurturing, and well-being of children. With the support of new provincial funding, the organization underwent a major transformation in the spring of 2018, when it began operating as one… Continue reading