The Craziest Critter that Lives in Your Creek

Can you imagine taking a pile of rocks, stitching them together with silk into a tube, then crawling inside and calling it home?  You’d be safe from predators, and you’re not stuck in one spot, you can stick your feet out and walk around with your home going everywhere you… Continue reading

Proposed Changes to the Conservation Authorities Act

  The reactions on both sides of the proposed changes to Ontario’s conservation legislation are loud and impassioned.  Environmental groups claim the revisions remove or severely restrict the Conservation Authorities’ role in regulating development, permit and planning application appeal process and appealing municipal planning applications.  Some sources equate it to… Continue reading

Baxter Creek: A Tale of Two Trout Streams

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, the stream was filled with trout, the stream was empty of trout, the water was cool and gentle, the water was warm and severe, anglers were full of hope, anglers were laden with doubt (with apologies to Charles… Continue reading