How the Mighty Have Not Fallen: the White Pine

Now that the leaves are down, it’s time to profile another native tree: the Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus). There are some glorious specimens of this remarkable and storied tree in the Millbrook area. These majestic conifers are beautiful all year, but their true glory is revealed only now in the… Continue reading

New Woodlot Group Formed in Manvers

In collaboration with the Kawartha Land Trust, and The Ontario Woodlot Association, a new initiative has been launched by our neighbours to the west. They have started a local Forestry Cooperative.  Among the many motives for this move was to prevent their plantations from collapsing, position themselves to take advantage… Continue reading

Trout Unlimited

The Trout Unlimited Millbrook Chapter partnered with the local Girl Guide Rangers and Otonabee Region Conservation Authority to partake in the Yellowfish road program. The community program is designed to educate residents that storm drains are the doorways to our local streams. Putting anything other than rain water in the… Continue reading

Trout Unlimited is Completing an eDNA Study on Squirrel Creek

If you have used an ancestry kit, or watched a favorite crime series, you know that the use of DNA (or deoxyribonucleic acid) is more mainstream today than it was 20 years ago. DNA is the set of biological instructions unique to every organism. Although DNA’s chemical structure is the… Continue reading