Cavan-Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail Celebrates

Photo Brigid Ayotte.
Pictured are Township staff, Council members and volunteers of the Cavan Monaghan Block Quilt Trail celebrating the completion of the project at a ribbon cutting ceremony in front of the Rising Sun Quilt Block installed on the municipal building. The twenty-four block trail features installations across the municipality and is a testament to the creativity and persistence of these volunteers. The result is a visual reminder of the agricultural and artistic heritage of the community.

Last week, Township Councillors, staff and volunteers with the Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail (CMBQT) Committee, gathered in celebration of community spirit and cultural heritage for a formal ribbon cutting ceremony of the Rising Sun Quilt Block.  Designed by local quilter Kate DeKlerk and painted by local artist Maya deMaria, this vibrant piece of artistry was installed on the south-facing wall of the Municipal Office in the late fall of 2023.

This last block quilt is the culmination of a project which began in 2015 by an enthusiastic group of volunteers who decided to create a Barn Quilt Trail in Cavan Monaghan Township.  The objective of the project was to create a visual trail of barn quilt installations connecting the hamlets of Bailieboro, South Monaghan, Fraserville, Cavan, Mount Pleasant, Springville and the village of Millbrook.  The quilts are eight by eight foot painted wooden blocks installed on barns, heritage buildings, on posts, homes or in parks that reflects the history and culture of the community and honours the traditional quilt making craft.  The collection of these installations creates a trail that stimulates tourism and promotes volunteerism and community support. It is one of twenty-four block quilts criss-crossing the community mounted on barns, churches, businesses, homes and public buildings.

A universal symbol of hope and a daily reminder that each day brings fresh opportunities, the Rising Sun Quilt Block design was chosen for the Municipal Office because it visually represents how important agriculture is to the community.  “The design characterizes various elements of nature and agriculture both of which are vital to this community.  The sun and weather are crucial to growing food. Blue has been chosen for the colour of the sky; green captures the crops, fallow fields and forests. The curving rays emanating from the centre beautifully represent the rolling hills of Cavan Monaghan. The red triangles in the outer circle remind us of the beauty of sunrises and sunsets over our fields and hills,” explains Committee member Glen Spurrell.

Each of the trail’s twenty four blocks were individually designed and painted by a vibrant and dedicated group of volunteers that make up the CMBQT Committee.  Over the past ten years, the group has meticulously developed a picturesque trail that celebrates heritage, craftsmanship and the vital role of agriculture in the community. Images and stories behind each block quilt along with walking and driving directions are available on the CMBQT website:  KG

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