Remembering Dave Brackenridge

Another month and another blow to the community as we mark the passing of another local hero.  On Thursday Sept 28th, David Brackenridge passed away suddenly at the age of 79. After graduating from the University of Guelph in 1966 with a B.Sc. in Agriculture from Guelph  he began his… Continue reading

Regenerative Farming Techniques Designed to Mitigate Impact of Climate Change

Early in September, Norm Lamothe hosted another educational session in partnership with the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Associations at the family farm in Cavan. Roughly forty farmers, mostly young and female, joined the tour to learn about Norm’s latest experiment has he continues to explore ways to make their… Continue reading

A Sanctuary for Flowers and Their Admirers

Don’t assume that because The Floral Sanctuary is a business inspired by a dream about flowers that owner Shannon Van Denbroek is a romantic wearing rose-coloured glasses. She is in fact a realist who brings her extensive experience in inventory management to her new venture.  With fond memories of growing… Continue reading

Squirrel Creek Welcomes Customers to New Retail Facility

Last month, the Brackenridge family hosted an Open House to showcase a new warehouse and showroom built on their farm on Brackenridge Drive south of Millbrook.  The 8400 square foot building is a testament to the success of this family business operating as Squirrel Creek Farm Services which serves the… Continue reading

Avoid Contact with this Toxic Plant

At the moment, many of our rural roads are lined with wild parsnip, which like many plants this season are thriving.  While beautiful, these plants can leave permanent scars on exposed skin. An invasive species, it appears on the provincial list of toxic weeds. Like giant hogweed and other members… Continue reading

Make Hay While the Sun Shines – The Rest of the Story

This farmer was raking his hay on Larmer Line last week in order to expedite the drying process so he could get it baled ahead of the rain in the weekend forecast. Raking fluffs up the crop, allowing better air circulation before the crop is baled and stored for later… Continue reading