New Farmers’ Market for Springville

Springville Tap ‘n’  Grill is hosting a new farmer’s market in the area which organizers are calling “From Our Hands to Yours”. Scheduled to open on Mother’s Day, there are twelve planned dates for this market, all of them on Fridays and Sundays.  The dates have been carefully selected to… Continue reading

Mr. and Mrs. Perogie Bring Eastern European Flavours to Local Markets

Igor and Inna Trotchine bring a taste of Russia to the Millbrook Farmers’ market, where they sell a variety of products including sweet and savoury perogies. The varieties range from the traditional potato-cheese and potato-mushroom combinations to a sweet peach version.  There are also cabbage rolls that are sold cold… Continue reading

Frequency Glass Brings Hand Blown Glass to the Millbrook Farmers’ Market

Like many entrepreneurs, Trevor Logan’s glass blowing business began as a hobby. At first he was a collector, but soon decided to pick up the skill and was taught by friends.  After finding a market for his work, he began producing decorative glass products out of his home in Bewdley…. Continue reading

Selwyn Garlic Farms Offers a Variety of Garlic Products in all Shapes and Sizes

Sean and Theresa Wilson produce garlic on their farm in Selwyn and operate a booth at the Millbrook Farmers’ Market. Sean has a history in dairy farming in the Hamilton area.  In 1995 he moved to Peterborough for employment and since then he has gradually found his way back to… Continue reading

Otonabee Microgreens

Newly minted Environmental Studies graduate Max Chalovich was eager to get his business started and launched Otonabee Microgreens before his studies were complete. This young entrepreneur is encouraging us to boost our nutritional consumption with microgreens. These are very young vegetable seedlings harvested within a few weeks of germination.  Unlike… Continue reading

A Taste of New Zealand in Millbrook

  Lauren Cameron is showcasing some of the culinary skills she acquired during a year spent in New Zealand where she learned to appreciate their savoury pies. After years of experimenting back home in Canada, she believes she has “perfected” the Kiwi pie and is sharing her enthusiasm in a… Continue reading