Millbrook Agricultural Society Recognizes Mark Brackenridge

At this week’s Annual General Meeting, Mark Brackenridge was awarded the society’s Lifetime Member award for his contributions to the organization and the Fair over the years.  As he tells it, his brother Steve “volunteered” him for the position of Treasurer in 1997.  At the time, the organization’s books were… Continue reading

Thanks for the Fair!

There was something for everyone at the Millbrook Fair last month, where Kathryn Lang became this year’s new Fair Ambassador for the area, young would-be farmers worked some equipment in the corn, and proud horse and cattle exhibitors shared their achievements. A young heifer found the excitement too much and… Continue reading

A Testament to the Importance of the Fair

Most families on a typical Saturday can be found at a local sports field supporting their child’s passion for playing sports. For our family, throughout the summer months, our Saturdays look a little different. They often start at the barn at 5 am getting our cattle washed and prepared to… Continue reading

Celebrate Country at the Millbrook Fair!

Get ready, folks, the Fair is coming! Events kick off on Thursday June 8th with educational exhibits running from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm throughout the fairgrounds located on Frederick St. in Millbrook, and continue to Sunday 11th.  This will be the 172nd version of the Millbrook Fair, each one… Continue reading

The Millbrook Agricultural Society Continues the Tradition

Millbrook Agricultural Society consists of a group of local volunteers who promote the rural lifestyle, reminding the community that life on the farm is a combination of hard work and (usually pretty loud) fun. Agricultural societies have been part of the rural landscape since 1812, when the St. Lawrence Valley… Continue reading

Millbrook Agricultural Society Hosts Bush Pull Event Saturday, September 4th

With two fairs cancelled due to COVID, the Millbrook Agricultural Society has been eager to get back to hosting events.  Committee Chair, Kyle Fitzgerald, came up with the idea of hosting a single day event incorporating some of the most popular events at the annual fair.  The event is known… Continue reading