Thanks for the Fair!

Photo Karen Graham. Champion Bull. 

There was something for everyone at the Millbrook Fair last month, where Kathryn Lang became this year’s new Fair Ambassador for the area, young would-be farmers worked some equipment in the corn, and proud horse and cattle exhibitors shared their achievements. A young heifer found the excitement too much and bolted, finding a hiding spot in the woods nearby, where she remains. The forest andswamp provide water and grass, but owners have yet to retrieve the animal.

Attendance at this year’s Millbrook Fair matched the record numbers posted last year, despite the unfortunate cancellation of the Friday evening truck and tractor pull event due to weather.  Organizers concluded that even though the rain was not torrential, it was enough to threaten the conditions of the track which featured heavily in other upcoming events.  Technology allowed debit and credit payment options at the gate, which was appreciated by visitors who could hold on to their cash for other purchases such as games, midway rides and food.

Photo Karen Graham.

Among the new events this year was the Redneck Riders Lawnmower race, which attracted a large audience, drawn in part by the participation of some local riders.  Organizers hope more will join the event next year now that they have gauged the level of competition.  Another new activity took place on Saturday afternoon where participants could test their skills at Flak’s Archery Tag.

Photo Karen Graham.
Getting the track ready.


Another popular attraction was the petting zoo hosted by Petting Pals from Port Perry, where families had fun checking out the farm animals up close.  Other returning favourites were horse drawn wagon rides, beef, horse and rabbit shows, the antique tractor pull, the demolition derby and the homecraft exhibits.

Attendance was also significant in some of the animal competitions.  Exhibitors brought 105 head of beef cattle which were evaluated by Jaime and Ellen Blenkiron of Guelph.

Among the 4H competitors, the Champion 4H Heifer prize, established in memory of Robert Hall, was awarded to Heidi McFadden, who also won the Robert McCamus Memorial cup, securing the Champion Showman award.  These shows are supported by generous sponsors and donors including Double C Farm, Over the Top Cattle Company, TD Bank, Mary Ellen McCamus broker of Record Exit Realty Liftlock, Hooten Trucking, IRCC and the Elmhirst family of Elm Lodge.

One of the heifers in her first show made an unfortunate escape on Saturday.  A Charolais calf belonging to an exhibitor from Tweed broke loose and ran away.  Ten days later, a thermal drone from Hastings was used to locate the animal, which was discovered in a heavily wooded area less than a kilometre from the Fairgrounds.  While this was good news, the location of the calf made it difficult to retrieve and seemed quite content in its new surroundings which provided access to food and water.  Ashely McNevan of Over the Top Cattle Company brought a cow to attract the animal out of the woods, even the calls of another animal were not enough to lure the animal to safety.

The Millbrook Fair is made possible thanks to a great team of volunteers who pitch in and get things done as needed. This year went exceptionally well and our team received a compliment from one of our providers, indicating that “the Fair board staff for Millbrook is one of the most polite and easiest to work with”.   Like most volunteer groups, the Fair Board is always looking for new volunteers and welcome any feedback to be considered for future years.  For more information, contact Millbrook Agricultural Society President Debra Post at  See you next year!  KG

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