Stewart Family Celebrates 200 Years in Cavan

They have the documents to prove it- the Stewart family has lived in Cavan since 1823.  Samuel arrived in Quebec City with his wife, adult son Andrew and three children under twelve on a ship called the Telegraph on July 19th, 1823.  The Ship list for this seventh voyage of… Continue reading

Thanks for the Fair!

There was something for everyone at the Millbrook Fair last month, where Kathryn Lang became this year’s new Fair Ambassador for the area, young would-be farmers worked some equipment in the corn, and proud horse and cattle exhibitors shared their achievements. A young heifer found the excitement too much and… Continue reading

New Sewer By-Law Protects Water Supply

This week, Council passed updated regulations designed to control the content of fluids that are discharged into the sewer system in the township. The previous version was almost 15 years old and did not include effective tools to combat inappropriate and harmful inflows into the municipal sanitary collection system.  In… Continue reading

A Testament to the Importance of the Fair

Most families on a typical Saturday can be found at a local sports field supporting their child’s passion for playing sports. For our family, throughout the summer months, our Saturdays look a little different. They often start at the barn at 5 am getting our cattle washed and prepared to… Continue reading