Crushing it in Millbrook

Photo Karen Graham.
Tricia Terry offers an outdoor women’s fitness program called Crush Fit in Millbrook.

Tricia Terry is a fitness enthusiast, as you can tell by her photo.  She runs a women’s fitness program in her hometown of Bowmanville in the fields of a local school.  She rents the grass, for the record.  Her sister who works in Bowmanville used to attend Tricia’s classes after work, but recently suggested that she could recruit some participants to work out in Millbrook, where she lives.  As it turned out, she could and did.

Tricia now offers outdoor classes on Anne St. in Millbrook on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30 pm until 7:30.  It’s a circuit style of class, incorporating weights, cardio and ab work.  Classes tend to focus on upper body in one class and lower body in the next.  The program is for women of all fitness levels.  Among the participants are older teenagers- Tricia thinks they participate to support their mothers who are also there- up to age 60+.  An experienced trainer, Tricia ensures participants work at their own levels, offering modifications and ensuring proper form to avoid injury.  She is currently working on alternative programs to continue the program when weather prevents outdoor classes.  If you are interested in joining this group of local ladies, visit Tricia’s website at KG

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