Avoid Contact with this Toxic Plant

At the moment, many of our rural roads are lined with wild parsnip, which like many plants this season are thriving.  While beautiful, these plants can leave permanent scars on exposed skin. An invasive species, it appears on the provincial list of toxic weeds. Like giant hogweed and other members… Continue reading

Make Hay While the Sun Shines – The Rest of the Story

This farmer was raking his hay on Larmer Line last week in order to expedite the drying process so he could get it baled ahead of the rain in the weekend forecast. Raking fluffs up the crop, allowing better air circulation before the crop is baled and stored for later… Continue reading

Selwyn Garlic Farms Offers a Variety of Garlic Products in all Shapes and Sizes

Sean and Theresa Wilson produce garlic on their farm in Selwyn and operate a booth at the Millbrook Farmers’ Market. Sean has a history in dairy farming in the Hamilton area.  In 1995 he moved to Peterborough for employment and since then he has gradually found his way back to… Continue reading

Proposed Legislation Will Create More Homes, Less Food Say Farm Organizations

The flurry of provincial legislation designed to facilitate the construction of new homes in Ontario continues, leaving municipalities wondering how to adhere to the new rules while maintaining viable and liveable communities. Bills 109 and 23 aim to build homes faster, primarily through administrative changes to the planning rules and… Continue reading

Purity Hemp Products Provide Locally-Sourced Nutrition Boost

The farm on Mount Pleasant Road has been in the family since 1966.  When JoAnne Kennedy was growing up here, her family raised beef cattle. Like many young people, JoAnne’s future plans took her away from the farm and she trained and began to work in Toronto as a cartographer. … Continue reading

Grow Your Own Produce at the Community Garden

Finally spring weather is here and we can start work in the Millbrook community garden. The garden is located next to the Old Millbrook School (where the library is) with a beautiful center flower garden looked after beautifully by some local volunteers. There are 12 individual plots that can be… Continue reading

St Thomas’ Anglican Church sponsors event on Climate Change

Journeys, the outreach and social justice working group of St Thomas’ Anglican Church, Millbrook, is sponsoring a day-long seminar dealing with the reality of rapid climate change.   Entitled “Climate Change:  What Can I Do?”  the event will take place on Saturday, November 5th, at the Anglican Parish Hall, 16 Centre… Continue reading

Soil Health is Top of Mind for Today’s Farmers

Approximately 50 visitors attended the ONFARM presentation in early September held in a field at Woodleigh Farms and hosted by the farm operator, Norm Lamothe. The audience was diverse – young and old, and almost half were women. They came to hear how they could make their operations more efficient,… Continue reading