Dinosaur Zucchini Terrorizing Millbrook

Caution is advised for Millbrook residents after the recent shocking revelation of a possible dinosaur-zucchini hybrid creature roaming at large in the area. This alarming information came to light after a secret laboratory was discovered in the basement of a local home, where it is alleged that risky “experiments” have… Continue reading

A Sanctuary for Flowers and Their Admirers

Don’t assume that because The Floral Sanctuary is a business inspired by a dream about flowers that owner Shannon Van Denbroek is a romantic wearing rose-coloured glasses. She is in fact a realist who brings her extensive experience in inventory management to her new venture.  With fond memories of growing… Continue reading

Common Ground – September 2023

“…spring is gone, and summer cannot last.” May Riley At the risk of sounding like something that should be embroidered on a pillow, it seems to me that all time spent in the late summer garden is a gift. I have been able to pick tomatoes every day and the… Continue reading

Avoid Contact with this Toxic Plant

At the moment, many of our rural roads are lined with wild parsnip, which like many plants this season are thriving.  While beautiful, these plants can leave permanent scars on exposed skin. An invasive species, it appears on the provincial list of toxic weeds. Like giant hogweed and other members… Continue reading

Common Ground – July 2023

“Do what we can, summer will have its flies. If we walk in the woods, we must feed the mosquitoes.”                            Emerson My friend the Wind Chime Hater is convinced that the mosquitoes are bigger this year. I’m not sure that they’re bigger but there are certainly a lot of them…. Continue reading

Selwyn Garlic Farms Offers a Variety of Garlic Products in all Shapes and Sizes

Sean and Theresa Wilson produce garlic on their farm in Selwyn and operate a booth at the Millbrook Farmers’ Market. Sean has a history in dairy farming in the Hamilton area.  In 1995 he moved to Peterborough for employment and since then he has gradually found his way back to… Continue reading