Letters to the Editor – September 2021

Reprinted letter to Peterborough County Warden J. Murray Jones

RE: Complaint of County Rd 21 West of Millbrook


Recently numerous residents of Cavan-Monaghan have gone on social media to complain about the recent construction completed on County Rd 21 west of Millbrook to the border of Peterborough County and the City of Kawartha Lakes. After reading the numerous complaints I travelled County 21 from west and then east covering the entire area of construction.  During the time I did the speed limit. I found the road passable but far from acceptable. I would hope the county has not paid the final payment to the contractor. I believe it was Dufferin construction.

Also has the County Roads Manager inspected this road?  If not why?  There are some in our municipality who feel this is another case of Peterborough County short changing Cavan-Monaghan. After all, the recent development in Cavan-Monaghan has given the County a few Million dollars in development fees.

Right now the residents of Cavan-Monaghan are asking the County of Peterborough to be accountable for their responsibility of providing a safe and passable County Road 21.

Submitted for your immediate attention.

Rod A. Dew,  Fraserville

Reprinted letter sent to MPP Scott and Premier Ford

Dear Ms. Scott and Premier:

I am writing to encourage you to work with your colleagues to change your policy and require staff in schools to be vaccinated. If you won’t accept the concept for staff dealing with all students then at least make vaccination of staff a requirement for staff dealing with children under the age of twelve. The requirement of vaccination of students has been an acceptable and successful strategy for decades. The failure to require vaccination of staff contributes to the perception that avoiding vaccination is a reasonable choice for people with no contraindications. The best evidence is that vaccination is the best tool to avoid infection and to reduce the opportunity of creation of new variants.

How many infections of unvaccinated children are acceptable?

As a senior, I find it unacceptable that you are less concerned with the long-term health of our grandchildren than you claimed to be about the health of my demographic.

Please change your policy before it becomes obvious that the current one is a mistake.
I await your response regarding the acceptable number.


John Fallis, Millbrook Ontario

I hope our neighbours will express similar messages to our MPP or the Premier.

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