Letters to the Editor – January 2022

And the number is ——-

December 9th was the first CM Township Council public viewing of what you will likely be told to ‘dig into your wallet’ to pay for your lower tier government this year and what those ‘dollars’ will be spent on.  The other 3 levels of government and the education portion will be coming in time.

Did you like what was presented?  Do you think you have the full picture of what the Township needs to cover now and into the future?  Do you think it gives you your fair share of the tax dollars that will be spent in the Township this year?

If you have no comment or your answer is no to any of the questions above, you need to join in and participate during the Township’s public virtual Budget meeting January 20th at 6:00 p.m.  Contact the Township Clerk, Cindy Page, in advance by email cpage@cavanmonaghan.net or phone 705-932-2926 to obtain the information on participating virtually.

In a Township of just under 10,000, every tax dollar needs to cover the ‘needs’ first and ‘wants’ after (if funds available).  Participate or your thoughts/ideas will be wasted.  You count, so make it count, PARTICIPATE!

Al Steel, Cavan

Many thanks to the township staff who do an excellent job keeping the sidewalks clear in Millbrook during the winter months.  It makes our daily walks safe and enjoyable.

C. Graham, Millbrook

Is it any wonder depression is at an all-time high? All around the world we are fighting a pandemic that will not end, the world climate is changing, entire ecosystems are dying out, and as a result, our social constructs and economies are changing. The search for a safe home has always caused the displacement of people. Now, through our own actions and inaction, we have added another cause for people to flee their homes and countries: our changing climate! Well, we can’t escape Earth! This is our home, this amazingly wonderful planet of ours, and it’s done a pretty incredible job of helping us to flourish. It’s time we started looking after it instead of abusing it through our limited understanding of our own impacts, short-sighted goals, and sometimes downright selfish attitudes. We need people in charge that can look to the future and act now, not with the next election in mind, but with the very health and diversity of our species and all those that share this beautiful fragile planet with us.

Linda Elliott, Keene


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