Letter to the Editor – June 2022

Letter to the Editor:

I so appreciated that May issue when I arrived from my regular “Shoot-up of cortisone” with my friendly-neighbourhood physician, here in Waterloo. Too much walking on Fallis line.

Of course I sat right down to enjoy the story of the fishing derby. I have been praising the merits of the dear little trout, at our lovely dining table, here at Clairhills Retirement Home. It seems quite popular since we are suffering some shortages, now.  But many of these folks will only talk about salmon. Your story will be flashed around these Also I am so interested to read of the large  Real estate market in the Peterborough area….and especially the project on Syer Line and the directions given for agriculturally-rural employment.   I certainly send you all my best wishes on that.

Thanks again for “Today’s Faith” on Motherhood – Like Rev.  Janet Stobie, I am so thankful for that privilege.

I also remember the privilege of writing a bit for your paper and perhaps you will see fit to copy this for next month.

Your Very Old Friend,

Margaret Aiken Killeen…next Dr’s appointment is August when I’ll be 90.

Editor’s Note:  Margaret Killeen was a regular contributor to the paper penning a popular column called “On the Line” in which she described her life “in the olden days” growing up on Fallis Line. 

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