Letter to the Editor – July 2022

We all agree we need to invest in recreational facilities, but in these increasingly stressful times we also need to build community spirit and find common ground with each other.

Open air spaces are critical to our physical/mental health and accessible, public spaces like commons, squares and parks bring all ages together, provide recreational space, and foster connections.

Previous public consultations recommended using the Old Millbrook Arena site to create a multi-purpose, recreational park (Needler’s Green).

One option for the site on the Township survey is to:

“Replace the building with a high-quality downtown community park that may accommodate some combination of facilities such as a farmer’s market, an outdoor stage or gazebo, pathways, gardens, trees, an area for quiet reflection, a picnic area, an outdoor exercise gym, a water-play facility…etc.” 

Maybe even room for an outdoor artificial rink! So that’s where my vote is going. The park would be the “jewel” of the village—a cohesive, multi-purpose, and sustainable recreational and event space for residents and tourists alike. The Old Arena site offers us a fantastic opportunity to make something truly unique and special for the entire Township.

by Mary Preston, Millbrook

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