Infrastructure Funding Approvals Just One Part of the Puzzle

In 2019, a new grant program called Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program was announced. Eager to secure funding for some local projects, an application was made under the Community Culture and Recreation stream, where 73.33% of project funding requirements are covered by the Federal and Provincial governments.  When these grant… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – June 2021

Generating Waste to Collect Yard Waste I am a resident of Cavan and am disappointed to see that the yard waste we put out for collection is no longer accepted in reusable containers. Those of us who already have these containers are now being forced to buy paper bags causing… Continue reading

Fire Station Plan Discussions Focus on Site Selection

At the last Council meeting, Fire Chief Bill Balfour presented recommendations for the Conceptual Design and Site Selection for the new Fire Hall. The report was based on the analysis and recommendations from Greenview Environmental Management, consultants who prepared a Site Selection Report in which four potential sites were analyzed…. Continue reading

New Parkland Comes to Towerhill Development

At the May 17th Council meeting, Recreation Coordinator Melissa Als presented a report outlining the plans for the installation of the playground design that was included in the subdivision agreement in the Towerhill South subdivision. The features of the plan are extensive, and include children’s play structures, adult exercise equipment,… Continue reading

4th Line Theatre Pivots to New Format for August

After fifteen months of making, revising and pitching plans to host a show following the theatre’s normal format, management at the Winslow farm have decided to proceed with a slightly different format.  While the two plays originally scheduled for the 2021 season have been postponed until 2022, the theatre will… Continue reading

COMMENT: Are We There Yet?

Not quite, but we’re getting closer. With COVID-19 cases falling and vaccine rates rising, it’s hard to image that we won’t be released from our homes in some small way in the next two weeks.  Tying re-opening phases to case counts and administered vaccinations is a policy that actually supports… Continue reading

COMMENT: A Vision for Arena Repurposing

I was interested to learn that the municipality is securing Green Infrastructure funds for the renovation of the old Millbrook Arena. As much as I applaud the township for not simply off-loading the building to the private sector, I do wonder why we need yet another “multipurpose community hub”, most… Continue reading

New Methods for Over The Top Cattle Company

For more than 150 years, the Sutcliffe family have raised cattle in the area. Tyler and Ashley Sutcliffe are continuing the family tradition on the hundred acre farm Called Over the Top Cattle Company located between Millbrook and Pontypool.  Tyler was born and raised in Janetville and Ashley comes from… Continue reading