COMMENT: A Vision for Arena Repurposing

I was interested to learn that the municipality is securing Green Infrastructure funds for the renovation of the old Millbrook Arena. As much as I applaud the township for not simply off-loading the building to the private sector, I do wonder why we need yet another “multipurpose community hub”, most… Continue reading

Men’s Lacrosse Team to Call Millbrook Arena Home This Winter

The Peterborough Timbermen are moving closer to home. After playing their first three seasons in Oshawa, Cavan Monaghan Council has formed an arrangement with Arena Lacrosse League Commissioner Paul St. John to allow the Timbermen to play their 2019-2020 season at the Millbrook Arena beginning this weekend. This Arena Lacrosse… Continue reading

Old Arena to Host New Sports Action

There may not be ice, but there will be action!  Last month, Council approved a $55,000 capital investment for the purchase and installation of used artificial turf on the cement floor, heaters on the player benches and spectator stands and the mandatory removal of ammonia from the ice plant to… Continue reading

What’s Does the Future Hold for the Old Arena?

At the last Council meeting, Parks and Recreation Manager Gerry Barker presented a report outlining the findings of a recent structural engineering report regarding the condition of the aging facility, some cost estimates for potential repair activities and input from potential users of a revamped building. The engineering report broke… Continue reading

A Place Where Everybody Knows Their Names – George and Marion Corfe Serve up Smiles at the Millbrook Arena

By Lynn Osborne One of the consistent features of the Millbrook arena is the sight of George and/or wife Marion working behind the concession stand with a smile on their faces waiting to serve. For the past five years, this couple have operated that concession stand, putting in 70-80 hours… Continue reading

Millbrook Minor Hockey Offers Their Wish List and Their Support for New Community Centre

By Karen Graham The President of Millbrook Minor Hockey (MMHA), Kaury Jones, presented a passionate proposal for a new community centre for the township.  Supported by a delegation of 20 Minor Hockey supporters, Jones outlined the familiar complaints about our current facility, including inadequate dressing rooms and parking, lack of… Continue reading

Refugee Children of Family #417 Don Skates at the Millbrook Arena

  You may have seen the comprehensive article chronicling the circuitous path of Amal Alkhalaf and her three children from Syria to their new home in Peterborough in the January 26th edition of MacLean’s. Fourteen months after their flight from ISIS territory in Syria, they soon found their new Lebanon… Continue reading