Remember When Millbrook had a High School?  

If so, you’re invited! When Robert Winslow has an idea about a new play, it often starts with an image, not a story.  Sometimes that image defines the story, as in the image of Dr. Beatty burning the outstanding bills from his customers, which inspired the play “Crow Hill: The… Continue reading

Young Volunteer Actors Embrace a Summer on the Winslow Farm

This is Michael Field’s second season at the 4th Line Theatre. This Crestwood High School student from Millbrook is going all in this season with parts in both plays, and despite a grueling schedule, he couldn’t be happier to spend his days back on the Winslow farm.  During much of… Continue reading

4th Line Season Showcases New Play and an Old Favourite

The 4th Line Theatre is gearing up for its 31st season.  The first production is a new play dramatizing an historic labour dispute which pitched male bosses against a group of poorly-paid female staff at the Tilco Plastics Company in Peterborough.  The conflict began in 1965 over a $25 bonus,… Continue reading

Seasoned Author adds Playwriting to Exceptional Résumé

D’Arcy Jenish’s career as a writer and journalist started with small-town newspapers in southwestern Ontario. Originally from Saskatchewan, he attended high school in Peterborough and graduated from the University of Western Ontario.  The West called him back in 1979 for a seven year stint with Alberta Report in Edmonton.  As… Continue reading

Rob Winslow Keeps our History by Telling our Stories

From the very first moment it is clear Rob Winslow loves to tell stories.  He approached the podium at the Millbrook and Cavan Historical Society’s talk about the history of the area with arms full of original research gathered over the past 30+ years.  Occasionally, he even used them, but… Continue reading

4th Line Theatre Seeking Volunteer Actors the 2023 Season

Have you always wanted to act onstage?  Want to be part of an epic outdoor production in your community? Have you ever wondered how 4th Line productions come to life? Interested in learning new skills and working alongside professional actors, directors and choreographers?  4th Line Theatre is looking for volunteers… Continue reading

Meghan Murphy Takes on Many Roles to Tell True Tales

Meghan Murphy is compulsively curious.  This has served her well. She is a capable broadcaster, documentary filmmaker, actor, writer and public speaker.  Work in the arts usually comes in the form of gigs- temporary, diverse, sometimes sporadic.  Asked if her diversity of experience is the result of choice or necessity,… Continue reading

4th Line Theatre Celebrates 30 Years

This summer marks the 30th anniversary of our local theatrical company. Launched on the family farm by Creative Director and Founder Robert Winslow, the company relies on the creativity, hard work and dedication of a wide and growing number of supporters who, like the founder, chip in to make it… Continue reading

Megan Murphy Joins 4th Line Theatre

After two dismal years with their main season events cancelled due to COVID, the 4th Line Theatre is gearing up for its 30th anniversary this season.  To help them celebrate this milestone, they have enlisted the help of Megan Murphy who joins the organization as Artistic Director – Special Projects…. Continue reading