New Parkland Comes to Towerhill Development

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An illustration of some of the playground equipment destined for the new park in the Towerhill South development.

At the May 17th Council meeting, Recreation Coordinator Melissa Als presented a report outlining the plans for the installation of the playground design that was included in the subdivision agreement in the Towerhill South subdivision.

The features of the plan are extensive, and include children’s play structures, adult exercise equipment, a basketball court, a gazebo, benches and picnic tables. All equipment will be provided by ABC Recreation, which was the supplier of the Cavan-Monaghan Community Centre Playground equipment.

Ninety percent of the total expenditure of $130,575 will be funded through the Development Charges, with the remainder coming from the Parkland Reserve fund. The township’s application for a Canadian Healthy Communities Initiative grant which would have helped offset this expenditure was unsuccessful.

Given the magnitude of the project, it has been divided into two phases.  Phase one includes the installation of children and adult equipment, the basketball court, two of four benches and garbage/recycling receptacles.  Work on this phase has already begun, with its completion expected this fall.

Phase 2 will begin next spring, and includes a shelter, four more benches, two picnic tables and more garbage receptacles.  It’s completion is scheduled for the fall of 2022.

Recreation Coordinator Melissa Als is pleased with the project, saying it creates an innovative outdoor space that will engage imagination, inspire curiosity and promote physical activity for all ages and green space for all to enjoy.  The adult fitness playground was modeled around the newest outdoor fitness trend of Ninja warriors and offers a wide variety of tests of endurance, strength, and mental agility. It is an aerobic exercise that can be participated in by a variety ages (13+) and skill levels.  The basketball court allows more traditional sport enthusiasts to engage in skills and drills or full out game play, promoting physical activity and fostering a sense of belonging within their community. The children’s playground was designed using equipment to nurture an inclusive play area where children of all abilities can explore and use their imagination through play while socializing with others from their community.

After years surrounded by the annoying but unavoidable construction noise, debris and vehicles, families can soon enjoy their neighbourhood in a stimulating outdoor community space.  There’s no promise it will be quiet, but the sound of vehicles will soon be replaced by the sounds of laughter and friendly completion.  Game on!  KG

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