Letters to the Editor – April 2021


I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see the article by Cori Carveth in the March issue of the Millbrook Times.  Writing and talking about the climate emergency can be difficult as it can evoke fear and feelings of helplessness.  Cori Carveth’s article balanced the harsh facts about climate with the reality that there is a lot of room for hope but that rests on citizens becoming informed, feeling empowered and holding politicians accountable.  As clearly stated in the article, there needs to be a huge shift in the way we do everything.  That shift is more likely to happen if our politicians understand the issue and know that we, as citizens, care.  So, kudos to the Millbrook Times for making space for this issue and thanks to Cori for writing the article.  I look forward to more on the topic.

Beth McKinlay, Cavan

Cleverly hidden in the Ontario budget was $800 million in cuts to Ontario public schools in the coming year and budget freezes for the following two years, which no doubt will result in many more cuts.  Here are the credentials of the four men, yes only men, that are making these decisions.  Our Premier did not graduate from High School.  Our Education Minister went to a private school where he would not have had more than 12 students in his class and his two advisors were home schooled- an extremely under-qualified group.  Education is the only multi-billion dollar business that is administered by leaders that know nothing about the business, and they are affecting the lives of Ontario’s most valued commodity- our children.

This prestigious group has a plan to dismantle public education and put a private system in place.  They wish to develop a system of charter schools like the US, creating “have” and “have not” school.  As enrolment in our rural schools begins to decrease, schools will be closed and parents will be given the difficult choice of online learning or drive your child to the closest school.

The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of well-funded, stimulating schools.  Any parent that has spent time at home with their own kids understands the importance of qualified, competent and enthusiastic teachers in the classroom.

If you agree, please let your MPP know that like the educational experts you believe that the best learning environment for students is the classroom.

Dave Moore, Cavan

Thanks to Millbrook Foodland and Canada Bread!

Local Sandwich Sister Jane Berlin now has organized three sandwich ‘pods” where members prepare lunches for clients of One Roof Shelter in Peterborough one day per week.  This means that in addition to providing a hot daily lunch, the shelter now offers bag lunches three days a week.

Jane approached the owner/operator of the Millbrook Foodland Joshua Helm for some help, and he delivered.  His Sales Representative from Canada Bread has offered to provide free, fresh bread for sandwiches for the group each week.   The Bethany pod delivers on Monday, Thursday is the Millbrook group and a new group in Peterborough is now covering Saturday.  One Roof staff and customers appreciate the support and the sandwiches are a big hit.  Anyone interested in joining the fray and picking up another day, please contact Jane at jane@theconstructiongroup.ca.

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