Letter to the Editor – April 2022

Re: Taking a Stand

In Mr. Hancock’s letter published last month, he bases his stance on the premise that since we all, vaccinated or unvaccinated, carry and shed the virus equally that we are all in the same boat, so why the shaming, the blaming and the attacks.

Those who are vaccinated are less likely to be infected if exposed- 50% less likely, and 93% less likely to become seriously ill or die if they do become infected.  As 80% of Canadians are vaccinated, this would translate to 32 deaths per 100,000 in the vaccinated population versus 120 deaths per 100,000 in the unvaccinated population. Additionally, for every death, there are usually another 10 needing ICU management to survive.  These burdens on our health system, which operates at 105% capacity in the best of times, have resulted in delays in managing the illnesses confronting Canadians on a daily basis.  The Canadian Medical Association estimated that 4,000 of us died due to an inability to access care because of COVID between August and December of 2020.

Those choosing to remain unvaccinated have a right to do so, but should not think for a second that their actions do not have consequences for themselves and others.  We live in a communal society and the actions of an individual impact those around them.  Some have chosen to act in a manner that protects themselves and others, while some have chosen to act for themselves and let others carry the burden of their choice.

Jim Liston, Fraserville


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