A Note of Thanks from the Buhaienko Family

We would like to thank Brian and Kate Field for their help and support during a very difficult time for our family when we arrived in Canada after fleeing Ukraine.

Our family was lucky to discover Canada from a very good side. Our acquaintance with Canada began with amazing people who are brave, sensitive, kind, cheerful, and tactful. The war showed that what was distant and foreign to us yesterday has become close and so today is the family of Brian and Kate Field. Brian is a loving, caring husband and father. In my opinion, any business he undertakes will be done brilliantly.

Kate is the sun. The appearance of this woman makes everyone around her brighter and warmer. She is a queen who knows how to turn any situation into a positive direction.

Their son Michael advised our children well and became a rather authoritative person for them. The children adopted and imitated Michael who became a role model for them.In the home, there was a great sense of humor in this family, which helped lighten the atmosphere.

We are very grateful to these people who have become dear to us. In our hearts there is warmth, love and boundless gratitude to you, to Millbrook, and to Canada.

The Buhaienko Family

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