Comment – July 2019

The day after the Raptors took the NBA Championship title, something else extraordinary happened.   Their opponents, the Golden State Warriors, took out a full-page ad in some Toronto newspapers congratulating the Raptors on their historic achievement in bringing the title to Toronto.  What terrific role models both teams have provided,… Continue reading

Children Who Sleep Better Learn Better, Live Better

These days it’s not just parents who are sleep-deprived- kids feel it, too.  We recognize the signs of tired children- they are grumpy, sluggish and impulsive.  But research tells us that the consequences of inadequate sleep are much more serious than bad moods.  Poor sleep is associated with suicide risk,… Continue reading

Comment – It’s About Jobs – May 2019

  This weekend, I returned to Fleming College for a visit to the Garden Show.  Some things had changed since my retirement four years ago, including a brand new wing.  I remember faculty often complaining that the college always had money for buildings, but not so for core academic expenditures-… Continue reading

Comment – February 2019

Budget time is when elected representatives feel the pressure of reconciling the public wants against the fiscal realities. Very few funding requests they receive are fundamentally unreasonable; but when put into the context of financial reality, the demands conflict, making some decisions feel arbitrary.  Cavan Monaghan Council members received some… Continue reading