The Greatest Gift of All

Another variant, another winter lockdown?  Here’s hoping the virologists tell us that Omicron is not as lethal, transmissible or vaccine-resistant as our current fears would have it. We may be exhausted by the constant stream calamitous events we learn about in daily news, but imagine the impact of this information… Continue reading

What We Need

 We are beginning to emerge from our cocoons, testing the water at outdoor events that previously were the hallmark of our community.   From Bush Pulls to Touch a Truck and downtown events, there are plenty of opportunities to mingle with neighbours and celebrate our community.  Perhaps meeting in person will… Continue reading

COMMENT – September 2021

What We Say Versus What Others Hear Some words instantly sparking a reaction.  Let’s take Peterborough MP Maryam Monsef “gaffe” last week in discussing the situation in Afghanistan when she called on her Afghanistan “brothers” to ensure the safety of the multitudes seeking safe passage from that country.  If we… Continue reading

COMMENT: Expanding our Definition of Community

We all have an idea what “community” means.  It’s intimate, local, familiar.  In the second week of the 2020 Olympics, that definition may have broadened a bit, if only for a few weeks.  We share the frustration of the disqualified athlete who jumps the gun, and the disappointment of the… Continue reading

Comment – July 2021

Whispers are often more powerful than shouts when it comes to attracting attention.  The most powerful messages often use very few words.  Several simple and well-chosen words can communicate, educate or inspire – no lectures or explanations required.  Think-  Black Lives Matter; We shall overcome; Make Love, not war.  They… Continue reading

COMMENT: Are We There Yet?

Not quite, but we’re getting closer. With COVID-19 cases falling and vaccine rates rising, it’s hard to image that we won’t be released from our homes in some small way in the next two weeks.  Tying re-opening phases to case counts and administered vaccinations is a policy that actually supports… Continue reading