Comment – November 2018

Standing in the wind and cold through many past Remembrance Day events has felt like an appropriate discomfort to face to acknowledge the many trials that former and current members of our Armed Forces have undergone on our behalf.  Whether you attend a Remembrance Day service or take a quiet… Continue reading

Comment – Every Vote Counts

The good news and bad news in a democracy is that every vote counts, so ones cast by informed and thoughtful voters carry no more weight than those selected by those who throw the proverbial dart. Perhaps voters will be less cavalier in their candidate selection these days given how… Continue reading

Comment – It’s Up to You

I agree with the sentiment in the Staples’ commercial that tells us that this is the most wonderful time of the year.  More than January, September feels like a new beginning, and there is plenty of evidence to support that here.  New teachers, a new dance school, new opportunities to… Continue reading

Comment – Canada: A Country of Collaborators

Justin Trudeau’s Canada is a more popular destination for those wanting a quick exit from the US than it was under his father Pierre when our country took in 40,000 draft dodgers eager to avoid another unpopular political position.  Communities including Toronto are beginning to push for more help to… Continue reading